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Heartwarming Before & After Alopecia Results For Youngster Zofia
Heartwarming Before & After Alopecia Results For Youngster Zofia


Mar 21, 2024

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Este Medical Group

Uplifting positive results for a young child and her family after juvenile hair loss is restored through customised Este Medical alopecia hair treatment

When young Zofia came to Este Medical she was experiencing loss of hair around her ears and at the back of her neck. Making it impossible for her to wear a fun ponytail or pulled back hairstyles like her friends. 

Alopecia Before and After results
Before and After Results

Once it was established Zofia had alopecia child hair loss, our Este hair experts customised an age appropriate and skin-safe alopecia treatment plan to gently restore her hair loss.  

It’s encouraging to know that you can help your child regain their natural hair growth with no surgery and non-invasive hair growth treatments at Este Medical.  

Zofia is not the only younger person who Este has helped with restoring hair loss.

Take a look at little Ana’s story and how her mum almost lost hope before she came to Este Glasgow for help with her daughter’s hair loss condition. 

“The only hair clinic that offered any help was Este Medical. When Este said they would help Ana, I burst into tears. As a parent, I was so worried about my little girl, and nothing was making any sense before going to Este for help,” says Ana’s mother. 

When it comes to hair loss issues, your family doctor may not have all the up-to-date information on paediatric alopecia, or the newest and most effective hair loss treatments for youngsters and adults. 

Another issue is wait times for NHS alopecia treatments can vary greatly. When it comes to small children or teens, dealing with visible hair loss can be stressful, and in the worst cases lead to bullying and depression. The sooner you seek out professional hair loss help at any age, the better the outcomes will be. 

If you are a parent or child caregiver who is dealing with a child’s hair loss condition we invite you to have an Este free hair loss consultation to establish the type of hair loss you might be dealing with, as well as advice on next steps to restore child hair loss with safe and proven treatments.  

Este Medical Group is the leading expert and service provider when it comes to hair loss treatments. We understand that bringing a child to a medical clinic may feel overwhelming, but Este Medical has the best 5-star reviews for customer service, client care, and hair growth treatments. 

Your Child Can Regain Their Hair With Expert Care

The good news for parents is that alopecia hair loss in children can be successfully treated. Este Medical has non-invasive hair loss treatments for kids that work to restore hair. Our hair restoration experts will keep you in the loop at all times as to your child’s hair restoration progress, you will be involved in every step at Este Medical Group. 

Act now and get your child booked for a free hair loss consultation at an Este Medical clinic near you.

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March 21, 2024

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