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Este Glasgow's Remarkable Treatment Restores Little Ana's Hair Loss, Bringing Hope to Ana and Mum
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Jan 4, 2024

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Este Medical Group

When Ana's mum was feeling helpless about her daughter's hair loss, Este Medical was able to come to the rescue.

Before discovering Este Medical in Glasgow, Ana’s mum was desperately seeking professional help for her little girl's dramatic hair loss and balding, notably at the temples and behind the ears, with hair thinning all along the hairline from the front to the back of Ana’s neck. 

Within just weeks of Este Medical non-surgical customised hair loss treatments, Ana began to experience new hair growth. Both mum and daughter were thrilled! 

As a result of non-invasive hair regrowth treatments Ana is feeling happy and confident again! Here’s what mum has to say about going with Este’s hair loss help: 

“My daughter Ana is now in high school, she wears her hair down more often now, and she has the option to tie it back for PE; she is confident about being at school, goes out with her friends, and as a result of her hair loss treatment is a much happier and confident child. I want to thank everyone at Este Medical, they have been wonderful from day one,” says Ana’s mum. 

Why This Mother Chose Este Medical Group For Child’s Hair Loss 

“From the age of six I started to notice Ana had bald patches dotted around her head. I took her to the doctor and was told that my daughter had anxiety and stress, and that she was pulling the hair out herself. I didn’t see any evidence of that, but I still took her to counselling for mindfulness therapy, talk therapy, CBT (i.e., cognitive behavioural therapy), and hypnotherapy.
As a mother I tried everything to get my daughter better. It was a very stressful time for me. We soon found out that Ana had a liver condition, which was connected to hair loss. With Ana about to start high school I was very concerned. Like most young girls, Ana’s hair is her pride and joy, and she wanted to play with it and try out different styles and looks, but with the visible hair loss all Ana could do was wear a hairband. As a result, Ana’s confidence was low, she didn’t want to go out, and she was worried that people would make fun of her,” reveals Ana’s mum. 

Following disappointments with doctors and therapy sessions failing to address Ana’s hair loss, her mum realised the need to seek hair care help elsewhere.

Fortunately for this mother, she trusted her gut instinct and knew something else was wrong beyond her daughter just being stressed. 

Parenting Instincts Lead to Breakthrough Solution for Daughter's Hair Condition

When the doctor’s diagnosis and therapy wasn’t helping with curing Ana’s hair loss issue, mum took matters into her own hands and proactively went looking for more effective solutions.

 “I wrote and called many clinics in Glasgow to see about getting help with Ana’s hair loss, the only hair loss clinic that offered us any help was Este Medical Group in Glasgow. When Este said they would help Ana, I burst into tears. Naturally, as a parent, I was so worried about my little girl, and nothing was making any sense before Este. When Este Glasgow said they would help us, it was the best feeling to have as a mother,” says Ana’s mum. 

Mother Entrusts Este Medical For Her Child's Well-Being

Placing their trust in Este Medical Group was a turning point for Ana and her mom. The hair loss team in Glasgow recognised the uniqueness of Ana's situation and was steadfast in their commitment to discovering an effective treatment tailored for someone young like her.

“After everything we had been through, I wasn’t expecting to see results straight away, but we saw results in about 2-3 weeks with Este! You could actually start to see little hairs growing back, and for Ana and I seeing progress was just the best feeling,” says Ana’s mum. 

For now it’s still baby steps to keep Ana’s hair regrowth on track, but with regular hair loss treatments to stimulate healthy blood circulation to the scalp and hair regrowth therapies to stimulate hair follicles, Ana is on the right path to recovering a wonderful full head of hair. 

Ana’s mum has a message for other parents: If you are worried about your child’s hair loss, and in your gut you’re worried that something is not quite right, and you’re not satisfied with advice from the NHS or other medical agencies, then you should get in touch with Este Medical Group for help and support. 

If you are in the UK you can find an Este Medical clinic near you. Are you living outside of the UK? Then send us a message to arrange a hair loss consultation and we can advise you on other international Este Medical Group hair loss clinic locations.

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January 4, 2024

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