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After 20-Years Of Alopecia, Man Gets His Hair Back At Este Medical!
Alopecia before and after treatment


Jun 22, 2023

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Este Medical Group

At the age of 18 this man started to experience alopecia hair loss, and for the next 20 years suffered from alopecia on his scalp, face, and body — it was a traumatic experience for a handsome lad away at school. 

Finally, after twenty years, this man is now fortunately an Este Medical hair loss client. As a result of Exciplex light therapy and PRP combined with mesotherapy, the visible signs of his alopecia are almost 100% gone! 

Here’s what our alopecia hair client says about having this hair loss condition as a young man: 

“I suffered with alopecia for 20 years: got it when I was eighteen, with patches of hair falling out, then it developed into full-blown hair loss — I even lost my eyebrows and hair from across my whole body. So at the time the alopecia started, it had a big impact on me as I was at university trying to make friends and go out, and when you lose your hair at that time in your life it can be very difficult. Hair loss affected my self-confidence, as well as my general mood and well-being. Alopecia had a profound effect on my social life.” 

No matter your age, or gender, having hair loss from alopecia can be a traumatic life experience. Many alopecia hair loss sufferers are told there is no hope, but that is simply not true. 

Este Medical Group has helped thousands of clients get rid of alopecia. Two popular treatments to combat alopecia areata are PRP mesotherapy and Exciplex phototherapy.  

Are you unsure if you have hair loss as a result of alopecia areata? Find an Este Medical UK hair loss clinic near you and book a hair loss consultation.  

Before and After Alopecia Hair Loss Treatment 

You can see from the before-and-after photos that our alopecia areata hair loss client had great success with his mesotherapy PRP hair loss treatment, along with the targeted Exciplex light therapy for alopecia hair loss

This is what our alopecia hair loss client has to say about his Este Medical hair regrowth experience: 

“I found out about Este Medical online and had a consultation for alopecia and to determine what stage my hair loss was at (i.e., androgenic alopecia). I started Exciplex hair loss therapy and PRP right away, and the first signs of immediate progress I noticed after starting with Exciplex, is that the bald patches started to regrow hair. My hair went back to 95% full, and this new hair growth has helped give me back my confidence, because even though I have alopecia, with the help of Este, I can carry on my life. I would recommend that people with alopecia reach out to Este Medical.” 

Youth Overcomes Alopecia Ordeal With Help from Este

Here’s another Este success story about a youth who was experiencing visible bald patches on his head — sadly that led to him being bullied about his hair loss. Find out how Este Medical Exciplex treatments made all the difference! 

Alopecia Can Be Managed & Treated! 

Even though alopecia causes hair loss, it doesn’t destroy the hair follicles — that means hair follicles have the ability to regrow hair under the right clinical conditions, with the right hair loss treatments. 

Este Medical Group has effective treatments for your type of alopecia. There are different types of alopecia, and how to effectively treat it does vary depending on the type of alopecia you have — a professional diagnosis is highly recommended

Look at the successful outcomes 3 clients recently experienced from Este alopecia hair treatments. 

Let Este Help You Stop Alopecia 

Whether you are a young person with noticeable alopecia, or have dealt with alopecia hair problems your whole life, Este Medical can help you regrow hair and build your confidence back up. Trust us, we have seen all types of alopecia hair loss, and we have the experience and medical tools to stop alopecia from being a problem in your life. Contact us for your UK alopecia hair loss consultation.

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June 22, 2023

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