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Our Latest Hair Transplant for Women Procedure
Hair loss for women help


Mar 5, 2020

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Este Medical Group

Hair Loss For Women: Este Medical Can Help!

See the treatment for this female hair transplant to achieve our client’s desired hair goals!

Female hair transplant

Female Hair Transplant at Este

Hair loss for women is very common! We all know the common causes of hair loss however, this can be aggravated for those who tie their hair back tightly, for religious or preferential reasons.

This is why at Este Medical Group, our hair surgery for women aims to restore the hair that women lose, who do tie their hair tightly.

Female Hair Transplant

Hair Surgery For Women

Our client came to us to restore the hair she had lost at the front part of her scalp. This can be caused by tying the hair tightly. The process was comfortable from the start to end, in order to achieve the desired result.

Our client was worried as she did not want to shave the entire scalp, which is the common misconception about a female hair transplant. But, we did not need to do this. Instead, we extracted the hair from a hidden section, so no one could see that this part of the scalp has been shaved, to aid the hair transplant.

The results were truly fantastic!

Now our client has become more confident, knowing we have been able to restore the hair at the front of her scalp. We cannot wait to see her full female hair transplant results!

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