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Glasgow Woman Ditches Hair Piece After Este Hair Loss Therapy Results In New Hair Growth
Glasgow Woman Ditches Hair Piece After Este Hair Loss Therapy Results In New Hair Growth


Oct 5, 2023

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Este Medical Group

Our Este Medical Glasgow client Carol was thrilled to get rid of her hair piece and feel the sensation of rain on her head again after having Este PRP hair growth therapy combined with laser light hair regrowth treatments.

Carol started seeing excellent regrowth results in the middle of her hair loss treatment plan!

Why Carol Decided To Have A Hair Loss Treatment for Women

As a mature woman, Carol was experiencing rapid hair thinning and the top of her head was looking bald because of her light hair colour.

Like many women, Carol wanted a hair loss solution to conceal her missing hair, but she found that having a fake hair piece was like wearing a hot, itchy hat.

Here’s what Carol decided to do once she discovered Este Medical UK hair loss treatments. 

“About 6 years ago I saw that my hair was drastically thinning, particularly on the top of my head. I decided to get a hair piece, but I found it was difficult and uncomfortable, as it would get quite sweaty and itchy on my scalp. Because of this I started a search on the internet and I came across Este Medical for hair loss. I then had an Este hair growth consultation and several options were talked about, the team was very knowledgeable and I didn’t feel any pressure. I decided to go with Este Glasgow laser hair regrowth and PRP injections to the scalp over 6 months,” Carol reveals. 

Half-Way Through Hair Loss Treatment Carol Already Getting Results 

“I am about half-way through now and I am absolutely delighted with how things are going. I would highly recommend Este Medical Group, I wish I had done this treatment years ago,” says Carol.   

If you are interested in our hair loss treatments for women, then we recommend you start by booking a hair loss consultation with Este Medical.

Este Medical Group hair loss treatments for females include: 

Find out how platelet-rich plasma hair injections can help regrow and thicken your hair and halt hair loss in our guide about PRP: Does PRP Work For Hair Loss? Your Questions Answered.

Thanks To Este, Carol Full Of Joy Feeling Rain On Her Head Again 

For Carol, deciding to have Este Glasgow hair loss therapy meant that she could say bye-bye to her fake hair piece, what she liked to call her “hairy hat.”

After wearing a permanently fixed hair piece for so long, Carol had forgotten what it felt like to feel rain on her scalp, and how the water felt on her head while having a shower.

Getting rid of the hair piece was a game-changer for Carol — she says having these sensations back in her life feels really great!

No matter your age or gender, Este Medical has a variety of proven and effective hair loss procedures that will help you regain and regrow your hair! Find an Este Medical UK hair loss clinic near you!

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October 5, 2023

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