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How to Get Thicker Hair After Hair Loss
how to get thicker hair


Jun 1, 2023

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Este Medical Group

Thick hair that is silky and shiny is the ultimate hair goal, as thick hair has more natural volume and is associated with good health and attractiveness. Having thin hair or thinning hair can make it difficult to style, and even worse, can make you feel less attractive and lower your self-esteem.

If your goal is fuller, healthier-looking hair, then find out how to get thicker hair with our two most popular hair loss treatments: laser light hair growth therapy and PRP mesotherapy!

How To Make Hair Look Thicker

There are a multitude of hair products at the drugstore that can help temporarily boost hair volume and camouflage thinning hair, for instance dry shampoo, hair mousse, and volumising spray. As well there are practical things you can do to temporarily increase hair volume: teasing your hair roots, blow-drying hair upside-down, and getting a volumising haircut.

However, these approaches to make hair thicker don’t address the root causes of hair loss or thin hair.

At Este Medical we have found the best way to make hair thicker is by:

  1. Increasing blood circulation to the hair follicles
  2. Increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrients to the scalp and hair follicles

This holistic approach to thin hair has the best long-term results when it comes to having thicker hair outcomes from a hair loss treatment.

Here Is How To Get Thicker Hair Naturally!

If you are experiencing male hair loss or female hair loss, and your hair is thinning or too thin for your liking, there is a way to increase the thickness and strength of your hair by having professional, clinically proven hair loss treatments.

The best treatments for hair loss we recommend to thicken your hair non-surgically are the following: 

Brukey Says Este Medical Saved His Hair

If you are unsure of what type of female hair loss or male hair loss you are experiencing, then we invite you to book a professional hair loss consultation with Este Medical! Laser therapy and mesotherapy combined with PRP are both excellent non-surgical hair loss treatments to have before you consider a hair transplant.  

PRP injections combined with mesotherapy and low level laser therapy hair loss treatment benefits include: 

  • Boosted blood circulation to the scalp
  • Thicker hair growth 
  • Increase oxygenation 
  • Increase hair growth phase
  • PRP nourishes hair follicles
  • Increase in nutrients for hair follicles
  • Improved hair maturation

The final outcome of these treatments is fuller, thicker, and stronger hair! Because rather than just masking your hair loss situation, these proven treatments get to the root of your hair loss condition. 

Brukey Before and After Hair Loss Treatment Results

Get started on boosting your hair volume at the root with an Este Medical hair care consultation. Find an Este UK hair loss clinic near you and book an appointment today!  

Why Is My Hair Thin? 

You can have thin hair, or your hair might be thinning for several reasons. Reasons for thin hair may be a result of: 

In order to best recommend whether laser hair growth therapy and PRP hair injections are the best way forward to address your type of hair loss, make a hair loss appointment at an Este Medical clinic near you to discuss your treatment options for thicker hair. 

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June 1, 2023

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