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Celebrity Teeth Before & After: Inspiration For A Red-Carpet Smile!
Celebrity Teeth Before & After: Inspiration For A Red-Carpet Smile!


Oct 24, 2023

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Este Medical Group

When you look at Hollywood celebrities it’s easy to think they’ve always had the best smiles in the world. It’s safe to hazard a guess that most celebrities and top models have at one point in time (before they got famous!) had a few bad teeth or some crooked teeth. 

All the celebrities with bad teeth, who now have amazing teeth, have most likely had some kind of dental work, like dental veneers, dental crowns, implants, and for sure, professional teeth whitening.  

Find out how you can enhance your smile like a celebrity movie star! Discover that most of the best high-quality cosmetic dental work is done in Turkey! Many international travellers and influencers looking for exceptional (and affordable) dental treatments often explore the option of having cosmetic dentistry services in Istanbul, Turkey

Celebrity Dental Work That Looks Amazing! 

When it comes to being a celebrity, always in the spotlight, a big white smile is one of the most important assets. Celebrities need high-quality dental work because they thrive on their perfect looks.

Let’s focus on some celebrity teeth before and after success stories to help you better understand the transformative power of cosmetic dentistry. 

Kylie Jenner, Megan Fox, Lauren Pope, Luca Bish, Zac Efron, Carley Belmonte, and Miley Cyrus have either shared their dental work journey, or you can plainly see from celebrity teeth before and after photos that their teeth look noticeably better.

And that’s fine, when you are in the business of being an influencer, or one of our favourite A-listers, then we kinda expect to see major teeth transformations from time to time. 

Courtesy of @celebface

What about celebrity teeth before and after veneers? Yes, dental veneers are a popular celebrity choice for dental work; however, you can combine some dental work together for the best results, for instance, you may need veneers on the front teeth, but crown work on other teeth due to teeth grinding. 

Here are more celebrity examples of how dental veneers and other combinations of dental work can enhance a smile: take a look at Katie Holmes, Rebel Wilson, Hilary Duff, Tom Cruise, Emma Roberts, and even Victoria Beckham to see how their smiles have been transformed with high-quality dental work treatments. 

Courtesy of @celebface
Courtesy of @celebface

Porcelain veneers are the mainstay of cosmetic dentistry, and they are very popular with celebrities and influencers looking to achieve a radiant online smile. 

Find out how you can improve the look of your teeth with a cosmetic dental veneers Turkey treatment.

What about celebrity teeth whitening before and after results? Who doesn’t get their teeth whitened in Hollywood? Teeth whitening (as well as veneers and crowns) treatments and professional services are quite common these days. 

Now, these stars are known for bright smiles! Meghan Markle, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Sofia Vergara, Justin Bieber, Blake Lively, and Millie Bobby Brown.

It's kind of hard to give the exact numbers, but we can tell how common dental whitening is by looking at a few things:

  • Celebrity influence: celebrities and influencers with white smiles have influenced public perception and people’s preferences for white teeth. As a result, more people are interested in enhancing the whiteness of their teeth.  
  • Social media selfies: the prevalence of people taking selfies has led to a greater awareness of one's appearance, especially the colour of your teeth. People want teeth whitening to achieve a more attractive and confident smile in their online photos and TikTok videos.  
  • Market surveys: market research studies show that teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures. It’s impossible to ignore the widespread interest in achieving a whiter smile.

While teeth whitening is generally considered safe when performed by dental professionals or following recommended guidelines for at-home products, it is important to approach dental whitening responsibly and with realistic expectations. 

Contact Este Medical to discuss your cosmetic goals when it comes to your smile. Arrange a dental work consultation to talk about how you can achieve a red-carpet smile with professional cosmetic treatments on your teeth and gums.  

Este Medical offers 5-star high-quality and affordable cosmetic dentistry service in Turkey: 

The point is, having cosmetic dental work is not just for Hollywood types and popular TikTokers, if you want to have a whiter smile, more even teeth, show less gum, or make smaller teeth look bigger, then cosmetic dentistry is for you — plus, a surefire way to achieve a red-carpet-worthy smile! 

Where do celebrities get their teeth done in Turkey?

If they have done their research, and looked at our Este 5-star Trustpilot rating, then savvy celebrities are coming to Este Turkey for veneers, whitening, crowns and dental implants. 

It’s natural to have qualms when considering a cosmetic dental treatment in another country, so we made a Turkey dental work guide to help you make an informed decision. ‘Turkey Teeth’ The Truth About Dental Treatments In Turkey. 

Let Este Set Your Teeth Straight! 

Now, there are celebrities with crooked teeth who may benefit from some dental work, maybe with veneers or crowns they might look more ready for the red carpet. But if celebs want to embrace their famously wonky-teeth, then that’s up to them. But if you have a wonky-toothy grin that you want to fix, then Este Medical in Turkey can set your teeth straight! Send us a message to book a cosmetic dentistry consultation in the UK at an Este clinic near you.    

Celebrities who have a wonky-smile include Madonna, Kate Moss, Ricky Gervais, Keira Knightley, Steve Buscemi, and Vanessa Paradis. And we don’t love them any less!

Do you want to explore the option of having straighter, whiter-looking teeth? Arrange to have a free dental work consultation with Este Medical Group. 

How To Get A Red-Carpet Smile! 

Getting a ‘red-carpet smile’ involves making your teeth look their best and brightest, just like the celebrities you see on the red carpet. Here are steps to help you achieve a brilliant smile:

  • Practise good oral hygiene 
  • Have regular dental check-ups 
  • Eat a healthy diet low in sugar 
  • Don’t smoke
  • Limit coffee and tea drinking 
  • Use a straw when drinking coloured beverages
  • Try at-home whitening products
  • Wear a flattering lipstick shade 
  • Book a cosmetic dentistry consultation 

We hope all this dentistry information will help you with the confidence to look into fixing your teeth. Do celebrities have fake teeth? Probably, but we like to think of your new smile as an upgrade, not a fake smile.

Choose Este Medical in Turkey for your cosmetic dentistry work!

Last Updated:

October 24, 2023

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