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Baz’s Anti-Wrinkle Injections with Dr. Kiran + Este Hair Loss Maintenance
Baz’s Anti-Wrinkle Injections with Dr. Kiran + Este Hair Loss Maintenance


Jul 25, 2023

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One of our regular celebrity clients, fashion model @___baz, shares his experience having anti-wrinkle (i.e., Botox) injections at Este Medical with our very own Este celebrity, Dr. Kiran!  

Baz lives the ultimate party and travel lifestyle: with his modelling work that takes him around the globe, to his appearances at parties in Ibiza and Tenerife, he needs to be camera-ready at all times.    

At 31-years-old, Baz can credit having an Este Turkey hair transplant and regular anti-wrinkle facial treatments for him having a much more youthful and younger appearance. Even Baz says he looks younger now than he did at twenty-five! And that’s all down to Baz being proactive about his hair loss and his routine anti-ageing face treatments

Yes, Men Can Have Botox! 

Baz is no stranger to anti-wrinkle injections, and openly shares his Este Medical Group treatment experience. He has regular Botox facial injections from Dr. Kiran to his forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes to help prevent further wrinkles and to eliminate any fine lines that may be visible. 

During the video (see above!), Dr. Kiran demonstrates how a Botox treatment works and what to expect during the procedure. She explains why Baz is having the injections and how they will help him to look younger. Forehead injections help prevent horizontal lines from showing, and botox between the eyebrows helps stop deep frown lines from dominating the face, and injections around the eyes help reduce the appearance of fine lines and stop wrinkles from forming. 

If you would like to schedule an Este anti-wrinkle facial treatment, then send us a message through our website today! We have many female and male clients who swear by our preventative anti-ageing skincare treatments.   

Hair Transplant Aftercare: Baz Keeps Up With Hair Regrowth UK Treatments

Baz had a successful Turkey hair transplant with Este Medical in Istanbul, and to ensure his hair stays in top form, he comes to Este for regular hair growth treatments. In this video, Baz and our Este founder and CEO, Sam Cinkir, talk about the importance of ongoing hair transplant aftercare. 

Baz’s Este Medical Hair Loss Maintenance

Baz is thrilled with how having a FUE hair transplant changed his life for the better. After his new hair growth from an Este Turkey hair restoration procedure, Baz got more work in modelling and his career just took off! He even says he looks younger now than he did before his hair transplant.

For Baz to maintain the most optimal results, hair thickness and fast regrowth, he has regular PRP hair injections and laser hair growth therapy at Este. Baz has laser hair treatments every 2 weeks to boost blood circulation to the scalp and improve hair thickness, and PRP (platelet-rich plasma injections) combined with mesotherapy every 3 months to stimulate hair follicles into active growth; PRP (platelet cells) accelerate growth at the follicular level.  

Both of these treatments are excellent, especially when combined, in helping clients recover from a hair transplant (i.e., hair graft aftercare), and long-term to ensure your hair transplant lasts forever.  

Find out more about these hair loss and hair restoration treatments for males and females: 

Everyone is a VIP at Este Medical!

Male or female, young or old, at Este we don’t judge — we are here to support you to reach your grooming and beauty goals! We know how hard it is to face hair loss on your own, or deal with getting older; we have the talent, the technology, and the compassion to help you cope with these challenges. 

Send us a message through our website to book a hair loss or anti-ageing treatment with Este Medical. We are here for you!

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July 25, 2023

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