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Abdul's Before and After Hair Transplant Results
Abdul's Before and After Hair Transplant Results Istanbul Turkey


Sep 28, 2023

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Este Medical Group

We help many men like Abdul at our Este Medical hair loss clinic in Turkey — men who have the same type of male hair loss and are hoping that a male hair transplant procedure will restore their hairline. 

Before and After Side View
Before and After Top of Head
Before and After Hair Implants Turkey

Amazing Results from Hair Transplant in Turkey! 

You can see from Abdul’s hair transplant before and after photos just how successful his Turkey hair transplant procedure was. When Abdul came to us for a hair loss consultation it was clear that his hair was thinning and he was showing clear signs of male pattern baldness.  

Since Abdul’s Este hair transplant surgery in Turkey, his hair has grown in fuller and thicker, and he has completely restored his hairline. You would never know that he had a hair transplant — his hairline looks strong and natural, and overall his hair is growing back thick and healthy. 

What Is Male Pattern Baldness? 

Male pattern hair loss is often first noticed around the sides of the head, especially around the temples, and as pattern baldness progresses men tend to lose hair around the sides and crown of the head. 

This type of hair loss looks like a horseshoe-shaped pattern of missing hair and exposed scalp. Most men who experience male pattern hair loss will eventually become bald. 

If you are experiencing pattern baldness (also known as androgenetic alopecia) you should have an Este Medical hair loss consultation to talk about how many hair grafts it would take to restore a full head of hair. Send us a message through our website to book your UK hair transplant appointment with Este Medical.  

The sooner you deal with your hair loss, the sooner and better the results will be with a hair transplant. 

Este Medical has Turkey’s #1 Hair Transplant Clinic!

We are proud of having the best hair transplant clinic in Istanbul and our 5-star rating by clients on Trustpilot. Let us help you change your life with a professional hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey. 

At Este Medical we will help arrange your flights, hotel in Istanbul, and all your airport, hotel, and medical clinic taxi transfers. All you need to do is be ready to change your life for the better with a phenomenal new head of hair from Este Medical Group!

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September 28, 2023

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