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1 Year After Hair Transplant, Birmingham Man Shares New Hair Growth Photos!
hair transplant 1 year after


May 9, 2023

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Our Birmingham client, Aslam, is so happy with his full head of thick healthy hair now — it’s only been 1 year since he had an Este Medical hair transplant in Turkey at our Istanbul hair loss clinic.

Here’s what Aslam says about his Este Turkey hair transplant experience:

“I went to Istanbul for my hair transplant; it was more like a holiday for me, than a treatment. At Este Turkey you can tell they care for every single customer that comes in, and I had that same feeling. Even 12 months after my treatment, Este still looks after me — I feel taken care of and respected. If you are looking for a hair transplant, don’t look any further than Este Medical.” 

You can see the huge transformation to Aslam’s appearance from these recent hair transplantation before-and-after photos.

Aslam After Surgery
Before and After Side Profile
Before and After Back of Head

After 12 Months, Este Birmingham Client Reports 100% Successful Hair Growth Results! 

Watch Aslam’s video about his Este Medical FUE hair transplant, procedure preparation with laser hair growth therapy, and his Birmingham hair transplant aftercare to see how pleased and happy he is with the outcome! 

Aslam looks younger, and that smile in his eyes shows how much happier he is now with his new look and new hair growth. It just goes to show you how transformative a hair transplant is for people who are unhappy with their male hair loss

Why Did Aslam Choose Este Medical for a Turkey Hair Transplant? 

Aslam found out about Este Medical doing research on hair loss and hair transplants. When Aslam came to our Birmingham hair loss clinic, it was clear he was an excellent candidate for a FUE hair transplant procedure.

Aslam was experiencing hair loss all over — along his hairline the hair was receding and thinning, and over his crown, the back and sides of his head hair was thinning and scalp was showing through. 

Aslam Top of Head Before and After

If you would like to find out more about how to have a hair transplant treatment in Istanbul, Turkey with Este Medical, then send us a message through our website so we can start planning and preparing your hair restoration journey

Get Ready for a Hair Transplant with Este Medical 

Este Medical has a high success rate for male and female hair transplants, and the reason why Este is so successful at hair transplants is because we make sure before your hair transplant that your scalp and active hair follicles are healthy and robust enough for transplantation. Este Medical hair transplant aftercare is also key to making sure transplanted hair follicles thrive and grow strong and thick.

In preparation for Aslam’s hair transplant he had laser hair growth treatments for a few months in advance of going to Turkey. His Este Medical aftercare for a hair transplant also involved laser hair therapy, and in many cases PRP combined with Mesotherapy is strongly recommended to supplement the scalp and transplanted hair grafts with nutrients and enriched, oxygenated blood flow. 

Find out more about these two essential hair transplant preparation and aftercare treatments for the most successful and long-term transplantation results.

After a hair transplant with Este Medical you will start to see promising results within just 3 months! Take a look at our hair transplant client Chris, who thought he could never have a successful hair loss treatment. After 7 months his hair looked natural, and he was thrilled with the results

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Este Medical has a solid reputation for providing a variety of hair loss treatments. We invite you to read the many 5-star client reviews posted on Trustpilot about our hair loss and hair transplant results and Este customer service. 

If you are in the UK, and would like to start preparation for a hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey, then send us a message to get started talking about your type of hair loss and your grooming and styling hair care goals. Find an Este clinic near you today!

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May 9, 2023

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