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Este Medical offers vagina tightening treatment sessions for females who want to better the tightness and sensation of the vagina to improve sexual health, restore sexual confidence, and strengthen vaginal tissues.

There are many reasons why women want vaginal rejuvenation. Benefits of vaginal rejuvenation include: restored vaginal sensation and pleasure during intercourse, increased sexual confidence and sex drive, and a tightening of the vagina tissues and muscles.  

There is a non-surgical option available for women who want vaginal rejuvenation; a proven and effective non-invasive option for tightening the vagina is the Emsella pelvic floor treatment. The Emsella chair device emits waves of electromagnetic energy to strengthen and tone the muscles of the pelvic floor, as well as vaginal tissues and muscles. A vagina tightening procedure is pain-free, effortless, and requires no special preparation or recovery time.

BTL Emsella device can tighten the vagina muscles and treat sexual health and pelvic floor related conditions (e.g., vaginal laxity, vaginal dryness, low sex drive, incontinence); Emsella can also be used as a preventative treatment to help females prepare for stress to the pelvic floor muscles from vaginal childbirth, and strengthen pelvic floor muscles prior to the onset of menopause.

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How Does Emsella Device To Tighten Vagina Muscles Work?

The Emsella chair is used for vagina tightening treatment and is highly successful at treating a variety of intimate health issues for women. If vaginal laxity, vaginal discomfort, vaginal dryness, low sex drive, or bladder control are a concern for you, then Emsella vaginal rejuvenation and pelvic floor rehabilitation sessions will make a huge difference in your sex life and personal comfort.

A non-invasive Emsella treatment session is similar to a pelvic floor physiotherapy treatment, Emsella vaginal tightening treatments will tighten the vagina and pelvic floor muscles to treat sexual dysfunction, as well as urinary incontinence or overactive bladder.

Emsella energy waves target the vagina and the pelvic floor muscles and stimulate this region of the lower body with HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic) energy that causes the vagina and pelvic floor to contract and strengthen. It gives the pelvic floor and vagina muscles a deep internal workout. One treatment session can deliver the equivalent of 11,000 pelvic floor contractions.

Women at any age can benefit from Emsella vagina strengthening and tightening treatments. Having a healthy strong core and pelvic floor is essential to optimal sexual health and urinary health. Emsella’s non-surgical and pain-free vaginal tightening therapy has helped many women regain their sexual confidence and saved many intimate relationships.

Emsella vagina treatments can help women get back control of their lives and sexuality — word is spreading about the amazing benefits of this treatment for women. Vaginal laxity, vaginal dryness, having a low sex drive, and stress incontinence are all treatable conditions that women shouldn’t have to learn to live with — Emsella can help treat conditions related to vaginal and sexual health, urinary health, menopause, and pre and post-natal health.

Vagina Tightening Treatment
Vagina Tightening Treatment

What Conditions Does Emsella Vagina Tightening Therapy Treat?

A proven treatment to tighten vagina muscles and improve vaginal laxity is the non-invasive Emsella chair device. It is designed to improve the strength of the pelvic floor muscles and rejuvenate the vagina to reduce and eliminate symptoms related to vaginal laxity and bladder control.

An Emsella vaginal rejuvenation treatment will help improve the tightness and sensation of the vagina and give you back confidence in your sex life. Vaginal laxity and a loss of elasticity in the vagina is strongly tied to pelvic floor muscle health and fitness, as well as any trauma to the pelvic floor from vaginal childbirth for example.  

Vaginal laxity can result in less sensation during sex for both women and men, which could result in sexual intercourse being less pleasurable. Laxity or loss of vaginal tightness may also make it harder to reach orgasm for females. Factors that can cause or influence vaginal laxity many include:

  • Ageing: as women get older the pelvic floor muscles can become weaker resulting in loss of strength in the vaginal tissues and pelvic muscles. This can also cause a greater likelihood of stress incontinence
  • Hormonal changes: a drop in oestrogen (i.e., estrogen) and collagen production during menopause can cause a loss in skin elasticity, which can result is vaginal laxity and vaginal dryness
  • Vaginal childbirth: the strain of a vagina birth can cause damage to the vaginal tissues and pelvic floor. The vagina may not be able to contract as well as before having a baby, leading to vaginal laxity, decreased sexual sensation, and incontinence issues

Emsella sessions can also be used as an effective preventative treatment prior to becoming pregnant to prevent excess trauma to the pelvic floor muscles after childbirth, and for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles prior to the onset of menopause. Preventative treatment is important for optimal vaginal and pelvic floor health, and will ensure an active and healthy quality of life.

Vagina Tightening Treatment

Why Choose Emsella For Vaginal Rejuvenation?

By tightening and strengthening the vagina muscles, Emsella treatments can reduce and eliminate issues connected with vaginal laxity and low sex drive. Issues like vaginal dryness and discomfort will be improved as Emsella HIFEM energy helps to simulate the body’s natural collagen regeneration, which will help with lubrication and vaginal firmness.

You will notice a difference during sexual intercourse before and after an Emsella treatment; tightening vagina muscles will reduce vaginal discomfort, and women find sex becomes more comfortable and pleasurable. Our vaginal tightening treatment has helped to improve the sex lives of many of our clients, and gave them a real confidence boost when it comes to intimate sexual relations. And as an added bonus, after Emsella pelvic floor treatments women experience improved bladder control.

If you would like to experience the many benefits of an Emsella treatment, then contact us through our website to book a vaginal rejuvenation UK consultation.

Vagina Tightening Treatment

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