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Hyperpigmentation Treatment London

What is Hyperpigmentation?

Skin pigmentaion is a common skin condition that can show up on the face and body as patches of uneven skin discolouration, dark freckle-like spots or liver spots, and melasma. Hyperpigmentation and melasma are identified by areas of the skin which are darker than your natural overall skin tone. Causes can include: UV and sun damage, ageing, hormonal changes, inflammatory conditions, illness, acne scarring, and genetic predisposition. Rest assured, our hyperpigmentation treatment London specialists can help you.    

Depigmentation and dark spot removal London treatments are available from Este Medical Group. Our skin brightening and lightening treatments are skin-safe and do not use hazardous bleaching chemicals. At Este, our aim is to help you achieve a more even, healthy-looking skin tone. We offer a selection of pigmentation removal treatments that are effective and safe for all skin tones and skin types. The best way to find out which of our depigmentation treatments in London is the best fit for you is to book an Este skincare consultation through our website. Let us help you put your best face forward with a bright, glowing complexion!

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Skin Lightening Treatments

Available Este Medical Group Pigmentation Treatment London

chemical peel UK

Cosmelan Peel

The cosmelan peel treatment is the world’s leading treatment for efficient depigmentation. The Cosmelan method acts on the cells responsible for skin pigmentation, which prevents melanin production in the pigmented areas; this will then reduce and lighten the treated area, helping you achieve an even complexion.

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Laser resurfacing treatment

Laser Skin Resurfacing

The laser resurfacing for pigmentation removal is effective as it uses wavelengths of light to target the pigment; the skin then absorbs the light. Once absorbed, the light works to ‘shatter’ the melanin pigment. Once the pigment has been destroyed, then it’s dissolved by your body’s lymphatic system, and as a result, your areas of uneven pigmented skin tone will steadily disappear.

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Non-Bleaching Ingredients

Works for all Skin Types 

Can be used across the body

Results in 4 sessions

Acne & Pigmentation: Other Available Este Treatments

Depending on your beauty and skincare goals, Este Medical Group offers a variety of effective, skin-safe treatments to enhance skin colour and skin texture.  

Discolouration of the skin has many causes including acne and acne scarring. For example, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) can show up in areas where your skin has had acne (e.g., face, back, shoulders); dark pigment spots may form in an area where you have had pimples and/or skin inflammation or irritation (e.g., eczema, psoriasis…).  

If you are experiencing persistent issues with uneven skin tone and poor texture resulting from acne or inflammation, then one of these treatments may be the right choice for you to include in your skincare rejuvenation treatment plan. Contact Este through our website to determine which of these treatments are best suited to your skincare goals. Este offers hyperpigmentation treatment for black skin London options as darker skin tones tend to experience PIH at greater rates. PIH can affect all skin tones, but it is more prevalent for people with darker skin.

Why choose Cosmelan?

For effective depigmentation a cosmelan peel delivers fast, long-term results; expect to see positive results after just four treatment sessions. A cosmelan peel’s ingredients target the cells that give your skin its pigment and help to inhibit further melanin production. Specifically, the peel’s azelaic acid (kills bacteria/promotes new skin cell production) and kojic acid (inhibits melanin production) combine together to even skin tone and brighten the treated area. Unlike some other depigmentation peels, the cosmelan peel uses non-bleaching ingredients that are skin-safe. Besides the face, this peel can be used on other areas of the body like the hands, neck, chest and stomach. Laser treatment for hyperpigmentation and melasma is safe and effective on the face and body.    

As part of a dedicated skincare routine, our Este cosmelan peel London treatment will significantly improve the appearance of uneven skin tone and areas of skin discolouration. Schedule an Este consultation today to learn more about the cosmelan peel and see if it's the right choice for you.  

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Why choose Cosmelan?

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At Este Medical Group, we believe our work speaks for itself. Take a look over what we have done for our clients and see what we can do for you.

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Skin Pigmentation Treatment

Skin Pigmentation Treatment Before & After

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Your Pigmentation Guide

You can take several steps at home to prevent or reduce the worsening of pigmentation concerns.

  • Always use sunscreen daily with an SPF of 30 or higher to protect against UV damage and uneven skin tone
  • Avoid excessive exfoliation as this can cause irritation and lead to further pigmentation
  • Gently remove any makeup before bed to prevent clogging of pores and potential breakouts
  • Incorporate products with ingredients like Vitamin C, niacinamide, and liquorice extract into your skincare routine, as they can help brighten and improve the appearance of pigmentation
  • Stay hydrated and maintain a healthy diet for overall skin health

Consult our skincare professionals for personalised tips and treatment options to target your pigmentation concerns.

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Skin Pigmentation Before and After
treatment process

Your Pigmentation Experts at Este Medical Group!

Over the years, we've treated many patients using safe pigmentation removal methods and many have been satisfied. We can not guarantee that the treatment work in removing all of your pigmentation but we are confident in the life-changing results we have already produced.

If you need any further advice on hyperpigmentation and melasma, please do not hesitate to book a consultation with the skin specialists at Este Medical Group, or read our useful and informative guide to hyperpigmentation and melasma to learn more.

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