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Laser Tattoo Removal near Falkirk

Best Laser Tattoo Removal in Falkirk

Many people who have had a tattoo will have heard the line 'You know that's now on your skin for life?' but that is no longer true. We offer effective laser tattoo removal near Falkirk to help you target and destroy the pigment from your skin.  

At our clinic, our laser therapists will first assess your tattoo and skin to ensure that laser tattoo removal will be suitable for your skin and offer you the desired results you want. Depending on the size of the tattoo and the colours used, we will advise you on a treatment timeline that can range from six sessions to up to 10 sessions. Our laser tattoo removal near Falkirk works to target the pigment of the tattoo without affecting or damaging the pigment of your skin.  

Este Medical's closest clinic to our clients in Falkirk is 25 miles away and just a 34-minute journey on public transport. Choose a clinic that will put you first and offer world-class customer service. The Este Medical clinic is close to the Glasgow art club and a 16-minute walk from Merchant city.

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Why should I have Laser Tattoo Removal?

Tattoo laser removal is a low risk procedure without the need for incision. A local anaesthetic cream is applied to numb the treatment area, and then powerful pulses of energy are applied to your tattoo using a handheld laser device. This laser works to effectively ‘shatter’ the tattoo pigment into multiple tiny fragments. The body’s immune system then absorbs these pigments, so that over a course of a few treatments, your tattoo fades in appearance.
You will probably need a course of treatments to achieve the best results, and some colours are more difficult to get rid of, but this can all be talked through when you book your initial consultation with us. Laser tattoo removal cost all depends on the number of sessions required – you can book in for a single treatment, or opt for a course of treatments in order to achieve maximum results.

We offer laser tattoo removal in Birmingham, Leeds and London, and all of our laser tattoo removal procedures are conducted by professionally trained medical staff. We understand the embarrassment around old tattoos, but there’s no need to simply put up with it. Make a positive change to your body and get rid of your unsightly or outdated tattoos with a course of laser tattoo removal.

How does Laser Tattoo Removal work?

Laser tattoo removal works by removing the permanent pigmented ink used in your tattoo. At Este Medical, we use a powerful handheld Q-Switched laser to treat the specific skin area. The heat that is generated by this laser travels through the surface skin layer to reach the tattoo ink underneath.

This tattoo ink is then shattered into miniscule fragments. Over time, your body’s immune system is able to absorb these tiny fragments, which means that gradually your tattoo fades. A course of treatments achieves the best results.

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Our Results

At Este Medical Group, we believe our work speaks for itself. Take a look over what we have done for our clients and see what we can do for you.

I am really pleased with level of good service at Este medical. The staff are very friendly always willing to help. Very very professional service. Thank you very much Umer and Bobby keep up the good work

Satvinder Singh

Review Stars

I have had several different treatments from Este medical in Birmingham to all which have been to a very high standard. The staff are very friendly, the treatments have given such amazing results. I highly recommend this clinic.

Rachana Sansoa

Review Stars

I had my hair transplant with  Este medical group 1 year ago following a recommendation. I am really delighted with my results!
I visited pretty much every clinic in the UK and I found them the most caring, they were extremely helpful dealing with all my questions. I can assure you there were hundreds of questions. This enabled me to make the right decision...
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Andrew Hart

Review Stars

Having been to a couple companies in Birmingham regarding hair transplants, Este Medical definitely stood out. The laser which promotes hair growth and makes the scalp healthier is just the start, they made the entire process easy and painless which made me feel completely at ease...
Read more

Gurdeep Blaggan

Review Stars

I have completed my full body laser hair removal with Este medical in birmingham and i would like to share my experience.
I suffer with Polycystic ovary syndrome ( pcos ) due to this i have so much facial and body hairs. I am 33 years old so i have been having ipl and laser hair removal since the age of 17, i wouldnt want to think how much money i have spend...
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Shellz Rahman

Review Stars

We’re easy to find!

Our Glasgow clinic is approximately 25 miles away from Falkirk, making it a 34-minutes journey by car. We are close to the Glasgow art club and a 16-minute walk from Merchant city.