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Why You Should Embrace Your Natural Beauty
How to Look Beautiful Naturally


Feb 21, 2022

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Este Medical Group

Would you love to step out of the house with a face that isn’t caked in cosmetics? Well, we’re here to tell you, we hear you!

We all want to know how to be beautiful naturally without makeup, but some of us just don’t feel confident enough with our own natural beauty.

That’s where a good skincare regime, and a little helping hand in the form of ‘tweakments’ can come in to play.  

Why it’s time to Ditch the Make-Up

Having skin that you’re confident in is one of the first secrets of success when it comes to leaving the house make-up free. To achieve this you really need to focus on your skin health.

It can feel like a bit of a chore, but believe us, take time to focus on your skin and you’ll reap the rewards. For optimal natural beauty, you should do the following every day -

  • Cleanse
  • Tone
  • Apply a Serum
  • Add eye cream
  • Moisturise
  • Finish with a sunscreen – yes, even in winter

Once you’ve achieved your desired skin results you’ll feel much less in need of make-up. Which is great because make-up can clog your pores, contribute to wrinkle formation, can cause spots and skin congestion, and is often packed with nasty chemicals none of us need on our skin.

A natural beauty aesthetic is not only best for you – but for the planet too. After all, just think of all the plastic packaging you’ll be saving by refraining from buying make-up.

A great way to kickstart your new skincare regime is by investing in a Hydrafacial. This all-round wonder treatment is tailored to your own skin needs and tackles everything from skin congestion, collagen production, line reduction and hydration. It’s the must-have skincare treatment of the moment and when you give it a try, you’ll soon see why.

If your skin needs a bit of a boost due to a skin condition such as melasma or hyperpigmentation, you could also try a specialist hyperpigmentation peel or carbon laser facial to help you work that natural beauty aesthetic. Alternatively, if acne is your problem area, a ClearSkin laser treatment could give your skin the TLC it craves.

How to Look Beautiful Naturally

Now you’re considering life without make-up, you might want to consider a little extra something to perk up your looks, such as a natural looking beauty treatment.

We’re talking ‘tweakments’ - or cosmetic procedures that can help lift your appearance and boost your confidence – just the way make-up does. These days, it’s totally possible to create a natural look with Botox.

At Este Medical, one of the questions we’re asked most frequently is, can Botox look natural? And it’s not as difficult as you might think. In fact, if you’re getting your treatments done by an experienced professional then they’ll be well versed in delivering natural looking Botox.

Most clients want a look that makes them look like a natural beauty and our skilled skin professionals are specialists at adding just enough Botox to enhance your natural beauty aesthetic. With Botox, a little goes a long way. You will still have your facial expressions, and you will still look like you.

At Home Fixes

So, now you’ve sorted out your skincare regime and you’ve decided whether a little bit of natural looking Botox might be for you, you’re well on your way to putting your best face forward.

But if you want to do as much as possible to help you feel better about the way you look, you could also consider the following -

  1. Facial exercises – facial yoga, stretches, and massage can really help smooth out wrinkles, improve circulation, and tone up your skin and jawline to give you a more youthful appearance
  1. Big up your brows – take a little time to focus on your eyebrows. Give them a reshape and you’ll be amazed at how they can lift your overall appearance
  1. Cheat with a little fake tan – give yourself that holiday glow with the help of the ever-faithful fake tan - you’ll be feeling bronzed and beautiful in no time
  1. Relax – we all look better when we’re chilled, so make sure you’re doing what you can to keep stress to a minimum and your looks will benefit

Whether you’re looking for a little extra from a skin clinic in your quest for natural beauty without makeup, or you’re simply looking for some hints and tips about what you can do at home, or a mixture of the two, we hope we’ve shown you how you can live your best life without make-up.  

We all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that we’ve all got different versions of what we find beautiful.

To help you look and feel your best, our skin specialists at Este Medical will work with you to achieve your aesthetic dreams. We’ll look at your natural facial structure and work out options we can use to enhance that.

Here’s to looking and feeling naturally wonderful!

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