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What you need to know about laser hair removal Glasgow
Laser hair removal Glasgow Scotland


Jun 30, 2022

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Things you need to know about Laser Hair Removal

There are many options to get rid of unwanted hair. One must decide whether to treat them regularly or if they will be permanently removed. While laser hair removal in Glasgow is the most effective method to reduce hair growth permanently, other methods can be used. What's the process for making the transition to the laser world?

Learn how laser hair removal can transform your life:

1. Removal or reduction

The big question is whether a laser can remove ALL of your hair. Laser hair removal is a fast-developing technology that can reduce 60% to 80% in certain areas after six sessions. It depends on many factors, including skin colour, hair type, hormone levels, and medical history. It is possible to reap the benefits of this treatment with just six treatments.

2. Preparation

The consultation and patch test are the most important. This consultation is mandatory and should not be taken for granted by any clinic. To rule out side-effects and allergies, it is crucial that you have the patch test performed on the skin. You should understand the protocols, and feel free to ask questions if you have any doubts.

Although each machine is different, the consultation should include:

  • Other methods of removal include shaving and cutting
  • Frequency of treatment
  • Products to avoid
  • A consent form and medical history
  • Aftercare  

3. Limit Sun Exposure

The laser is attracted by melanin (pigment), which is why it is great for picking up hair colour. The laser can cause the hair to appear darker. It is important to avoid darkening the skin with sunbathing and skin bronzers. If you don't mention it in every session of laser hair reduction, a sun tan could cause damage; it can cause skin damage and burn your skin. Please inform your therapist if you have a holiday planned.

New machines, such as the Soprano Laser, can be used to treat sun-tanned skin. For sun-activated skin tans, it is recommended to wait two weeks for the skin to cool down before your next session.

4. Colours for the Skin

Laser treatments can cause skin darkening, as discussed in the section on sun exposure. There is no need to worry if you have dark skin, such as those from Asia, Africa and the Mediterranean; specific machines are safe for use. There are many options for how the laser light is delivered. It can be either fast flashes of high temperature or evenly distributed with motion technology. The Soprano is a great laser light source we can trust to deliver the best results for our clients with darker skin tones.

5. Hair Colours

Laser and soprano technology are amazing, but it can only recognise hair with pigment. Laser hair removal is not available for very blonde and white hairs. It is also not possible to remove hair with red pigment genes.  

6. Painful or pain-free?

There has been some evidence that laser hair removal can cause pain depending on how dense the hair is and the machine used. Each uses a different wavelength to suit different customers and has a different level of discomfort.

If you are looking for minimal pain, the Soprano machine from Alma lasers is your best option. The motion technology uses a diode laser to create the "Pain-free and Hair free" motion technology. It can be used on all skin types with minimal discomfort.

All other machines are powered by pulse shots, which emit heat at the right levels. Sometimes this can make it unbearable. Feel the difference by using your patch testing at the clinics.

7. Growing Hairs

These are so annoying! These could be side effects of waxing, thickened areas, or curly hair growth. Removing them with laser light is possible, leaving smooth and silky skin. Lasers can help with black hair growth by cutting down the targeting bikinis area hairs, beard hairs and other types of unwanted hair regrowth.

8. The science

The clever part is that the laser light travels from one side to the other by emitting light to the skin. The heat is converted into light, cutting off the hair's blood supply. This will stop the hair from growing further, and it will fall out in about a week to ten days.

There are four stages of hair growth. Only the Anagen stage can be used to remove hair. It is difficult to identify the stage from the outside, so multiple treatments are necessary.

9. A good investment

It is possible to calculate the cost of using wax, creams, epilators, and razors over a lifetime versus the price of a course in laser treatments. You can do it in areas or as all-over body sessions. It is difficult to put a value on the convenience of having hair-free skin and the ability to avoid embarrassing situations. It's worth the price, so why not check out the testimonials of satisfied customers to see how it has helped them.

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