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What is Intimate Lightening Treatment?
Intimate lightening treatment


Mar 2, 2023

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Este Medical Group

You’ll be pleased to hear that at Este, we now offer the new Dermamelan peel, along with two other treatment options that can help with intimate lightening.

Intimate area lightening is becoming more and more popular, and at Este you can choose from three intimate area lightening treatment options. They are -

  1. Dermamelan peel
  2. Clearlift laser
  3. Laser hair removal

How to Lighten Dark Intimate Areas

If you’ve been considering vaginal bleaching or intimate area skin lightening, you may have found it difficult to find an option that’s safe, effective, and delivered by skincare professionals. That’s all changed now that you’ve discovered our brand-new treatment, the Dermamelan peel. This treatment helps to -

  • Brighten the skin
  • Even out pigmentation patches
  • Rejuvenate the skin in your intimate areas

Why Lighten your Intimate Areas?

For many people the notion of lightening your private parts may seem like an unusual proposition. However, more and more people are opting to lighten their intimate areas due to it helping them feel more confident, and giving them a more uniform skin tone.

There’s no medical need to lighten your skin down there, and if you choose to do it, it’s purely for cosmetic purposes. However, if you’re keen to know how to lighten intimate areas, you’re in the right place.

Is Vaginal Bleaching Safe?

At Este, our main intimate lightening treatment is the Dermamelan peel. This is a peel that can be used on the face. So with that in mind, it’s also safe to be used in more intimate body areas too. This peel is a combination of active ingredients including Kojic acid and Phytic acid, and is used to treat hyperpigmentation and promote an even complexion.

When you choose Este for your Dermamelan peel, you will have the first treatment applied by one of our trained skincare professionals. After your first treatment, you will then be able to apply the formula at home.

When you have your initial treatment, we will give you professional advice on how, when, and how long to apply this peel. Choosing Este for this treatment ensures you’re in the capable hands of trained, knowledgeable professionals, who are on hand with expert advice whenever you might need it.

Best Intimate Lightening

If you’ve been wondering what causes skin pigmentation in your intimate areas, and how you can remove it, you might be interested to know that a number of things can be responsible. They include:

  • Wearing tight clothes
  • Sex
  • Exercise
  • Rubbing of the skin

While our main treatment for this condition is the Dermamelan peel, our ClearLift laser and laser hair removal procedures can also help to sort out pigmentation concerns ‘downstairs’.

For instance, if you suffer from ingrown hairs in the pubic region, having laser hair removal will sort this problem out and in turn help to lighten the area by getting rid of unwanted, and ingrown hair.

How to Lighten Intimate Areas Fast

The intimate peel is one of the fastest ways to lighten your bikini area. With your first treatment in salon, and your next sessions carried out by yourself at home, the Dermamelan peel is an easy option if you’re looking for a fast, effective, and convenient option. It’s long lasting too – but should you need a repeat treatment, the process is quick.

Is Dermamelan the Same as Bleaching?

No. Dermamelan is not the same as bleaching. When you choose the Dermamelan peel to address your skin pigmentation concerns in your intimate areas, you’re choosing a safe, tried and tested treatment delivered by professionals in a salon environment.

Lightening your skin should be taken seriously and if you buy products off the internet, you’ll be putting your health at risk. With cosmetic treatments, it’s always best to err on the side of caution so please only apply safe and legal products available in the UK.

Intimate bleaching involves lightening the areas around your genitals and while many people call it ‘vaginal bleaching’, there is absolutely no bleaching of your vaginal canal involved. Intimate lightening treatments are used on external skin only.

There are many different skin bleaching cream products available on the market, but creams that contain an active bleaching ingredient, hydroquinone, are not legal in the UK as they are not considered safe.

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March 2, 2023

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