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Treatments to Look Your Best This Holiday Season
skin & body treatments for christmas


Dec 14, 2021

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Este Medical Group

Our Top Essential Holiday Treatments

This year, we all want to get together. Whether you want to look your best for a new romantic partner, or you’re planning on dazzling at the office Christmas party, sort out your beauty treatments now to be the star of the show when Christmas and New Year finally strike.

So put down the list of all the pressies you still need to buy, and take a little time out to focus on yourself. Let’s begin...

The Hydrafacial

The Hydrafacial deserves to be right at the top of your Christmas beauty treatments list. Why? Because this facial does everything! It exfoliates, removes toxins, stimulates collagen, hydrates, and tackles signs of ageing.

If you want your skin to be on a next level glow-up this holiday season, then this is an absolute must.


So lockdown kind of took its toll, right? Who didn’t put on a few extra lbs? If you’re still trying to shed the lockdown weight, then Emsculpt is here to help you pre the festive season.

It’s a non-surgical method that works hard to contour your body and reduce fat both at the same time. One session gives you the same hit as doing 20,000 sit ups. Impressive, right?

In terms of aesthetic treatments that are going to help make your body pop this Christmas, Emsculpt is definitely worth investing in.

Laser Hair Removal

Be gone unwanted hair! Ditch the tweezers, dump the hair removal cream, and banish the razor to the back of the bathroom cabinet – it's time to get serious with hair removal. Add laser hair removal sessions to your Christmas beauty treatments list, and think of all the time you’ll save.

Zap away unwanted hair on your face, bikini line, underarms – you name it, laser hair removal can tackle it. If unwanted hair is getting you down, then this is possibly the best Christmas beauty present to gift yourself ever.

At Home Manicure

Give your hands some TLC with a little DIY at-home manicure session. Have a quick scroll through Instagram for some inspiration, then get busy clipping, filing, and buffing your nails so they’re in tip-top condition for the party season.

Then, just add polish – hey, it’s Christmas so we vote glitter!

Dermal Fillers

Want to turn heads at the office Christmas party, then make dermal fillers part of your beauty routine before a big event. At Este, you’ll be in super-safe and experienced hands with experts who know just what’s needed to get the best look with dermal fillers.

Whether you want to plump your lips, cheeks, or the area under your eyes, dermal fillers are a quick and effortless way to look your best for the holiday season.

Mini Massage

Enjoy a little pre-festive pick-me-up with a mini massage. If you’ve got a partner, rope them in to giving you a shoulder rub. If not, then get the same results with a little yoga back, neck, and shoulder workout.

There are loads of free-to-watch tutorials on YouTube. You’ll soon be feeling de-stressed, standing taller, and feeling a whole lot better. And when you feel better, you look better. Just in time for Christmas!

Eyebrow Shape

Another quick and simple one of our beauty treatments this Christmas is an eyebrow shape. If you’re confident you can do a good job, get your hands on an eyebrow shape kit you can do at home.

Otherwise, head to a salon and let them work their magic.

Either way, an eyebrow shape is a great way to boost your confidence, update your look, and give you that ready-to-party festive feeling!  

Cosmelan Peel

If your skin isn’t giving you fresh-faced vibes, then it could be time for a Cosmelan Peel.

This specialist peel is great at targeting skin pigmentation and melasma issues. It brightens, revives, and reduces discolouration. We’ve seen great results at Este with this aesthetic treatment.


No one needs telling what Botox is, but maybe this is just the thing you need to complete your Christmas beauty treatments list.

Combat frown lines, wave goodbye to crow’s feet, and ditch smile lines that have been dragging you down. There’s no downtime involved, so you can get out there and party, looking and feeling your best!

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