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Top 10 Winter Wellbeing & Health Tips
winter health and wellness tips


Dec 20, 2021

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We won’t lie, some of them are going to involve a little willpower and commitment, but don’t worry - we’re also including winter health tips that will involve minimal effort on your part. After all, who doesn’t love maximum results for minimum input?!

Get Outside

Want to feel better instantly? Get your warmest of coats, layer up with hat, scarf, and gloves and wave goodbye to your sofa. Even if it’s freezing cold, head off for a brisk walk and you’ll soon feel better.

Just 20 minutes a day can help your mental health, boost your metabolism, and make you feel better. Whether you pound the pavements, or take off into the countryside, it doesn’t matter as long as you get a good pace going. Grab a coffee and a friend and make it a sociable event for even more feel good winter health tips vibes.

Max up your Water

It can be easy to steer clear of water during the colder months. After all, a cold drink isn’t the most warming of refreshments. However, if you want to avoid brain fog, fatigue and dry skin, you’d be wise to stick to a routine of drinking about 6-8 glasses a day.

Try adding slices of lemon and fresh ginger to keep your vitamin C levels up and help fight colds - or make a hot water drink with honey.

Get a Vitamin Boost

If you’ve been feeling down and battling all the bugs that winter throws our way, try giving your body a serious vitamin boost. This is one of our fave tips for keeping well in winter.

According to UK research, Vitamin D deficiency is common, especially if you are male, so buck the trend and give your body some super TLC with an IV drip. It’s a scientifically proven method of delivering vitamins to your body and is more effective than taking oral multivitamins. Simple, fast (it takes up to an hour), and effective.

We love this one of our winter health and wellness tips.

Go to Bed

Yeah, we know, it’s not rocket science. But if it’s such a simple thing to do to help us feel better, why are so many of us guilty of staying up way too late?! Sleep massively affects our mental health and if you’re struggling to get enough shut-eye, maybe it’s time to take things seriously.

Invest in decent quality bedding, try lavender essential oil spray to aid relaxation, and read a book to help your mind switch off from your everyday worries. The NHS recommends most adults need between 6-9 hours sleep each night so aim for that and you’ll soon be feeling better.

Invest in a SAD Lamp

Some of us can find the darker winter months really hard, so the next of our health and wellness tips for winter is to try a SAD lamp. You can pick one up for around £30.

These little wonder gadgets simulate sunlight, and because winter kind of lacks in that department, a SAD lamp can help. In turn, it will boost your body’s serotonin levels which will help you feel better.

Another one of our winter wellness tips sorted!

Make Time for Friends and Family

It can be far too easy to feel like hibernating as soon as the light dims in the afternoon, but if you want to feel better – get out and see your friends! Resist the lure of that Netflix boxset, and get out to the cinema, a drink, a meal, or even just a walk.

Take time to see your friends and family during winter and it will help those happiness levels stay topped up. As far as winter mental health tips go, we think this one’s vital.

Talking is therapy so even if you’re feeling low, don’t shut your friends and family out – they'll be the ones to help you through even if you’re finding the winter tough.

Switch up Your Exercise Regime

If you’re bored of doing the same old exercise routine, switch things up and revitalise your regime. Ditch the gym for a swim, have a go on a climbing wall, or get out for an early morning jog. Only one rule – try something new and see how it makes you feel.

Embrace Home Cooking

Stews, casseroles, soups – all of the yummiest comfort foods come out in winter. And when it comes to the best of cold winter health tips, keeping an eye on what you eat is definitely up there.

Invest in a slow cooker, prep your recipe in the morning, and you’ll have delicious hearty meals ready as soon as you get in from work. Pack your recipes with wellness boosting ingredients like turmeric, sweet potatoes, spinach, and oily fish and your immune system will thank you.

Plan your Wellness Goals

If the thought of acing all these winter health and wellness tips feels like an impossible chore, get out a planner and set some goals.

If you give yourself a target to focus on things soon seem much more achievable. It will also feel like you’re working towards something which in turn will help you feel more positive.

Healthy mind, healthy body!

Rest up and Relax

The last of our winter health tips UK may seem like a simple one, but it’s something a lot of us often forget to do. Take some time out. It’s not healthy to be ‘on it’ 24/7.

Our bodies need time out, our minds need to switch off. So be kind to yourself, enjoy the wellness tips winter offers up, but accept your limits.

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