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The Simple Truth About Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty
What is Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty


Jun 4, 2024

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Este Medical Group

Our non-surgical rhinoplasty treatment at Este Medical, known as a liquid nose job, uses injectable dermal fillers to reshape and lift the nose. While nose fillers won't reduce the size of your nose, they can correct minor bumps and dips in under 30 minutes.

What You Need to Know About Rhinoplasty Without Surgery

First of all, a liquid nose job uses injectable fillers, making it a non-surgical procedure. This approach is ideal for both women and men interested in minimally invasive cosmetic treatments to lift the nose or smooth out small bumps or imperfections.

To help you better understand what a non-invasive nose job entails, our Este Medical experts have compiled essential information about benefits, the procedure, and how it differs from surgical rhinoplasty (see nose surgery).

Benefits Of Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Here are the top 5 benefits of no surgery rhinoplasty:

  • Minimally Invasive: Unlike traditional rhinoplasty, a non-surgical nose job uses injectable fillers, eliminating the need for incisions and general anaesthesia. This makes the procedure less intimidating and more accessible.
  • Quick Procedure & Speedy Recovery: The treatment typically takes less than 30 minutes, and since there is no surgery involved, the recovery time is minimal. 
  • Immediate Results: One of the major advantages of non-surgical rhinoplasty is that the results are visible almost immediately. 
  • Bespoke Adjustability: Non-surgical rhinoplasty offers the flexibility to make adjustments over time. If you desire further refinement, additional filler can be added in subsequent treatment sessions. 
  • Low Risk & Affordable: With fewer risks compared to surgery, such as infection, non-surgical rhinoplasty is generally considered safer. Additionally, it is typically more affordable, making it an attractive option for those seeking cosmetic enhancements without the cost of surgery. If you want to learn more about surgical rhinoplasty have a look at this resource: Is a Nose Job Dangerous?  

Contact us to discuss how non-surgical nose reshaping can enhance your natural beauty and boost your self-confidence! 

Easy-Peasy Nose Filler Procedure 

At Este, we understand the desire for the perfect Hollywood nose. Our quick and easy non-surgical liquid nose job can enhance facial symmetry and improve your overall appearance. Nose fillers are an excellent alternative to rhinoplasty surgery.

A non-surgical nose filler treatment involves no scalpels or cutting. Instead, specific fillers are precisely injected into or around the nose to achieve the desired outcome. These fillers can smooth out bumps or lumps, create lift and volume, and enhance the overall appearance of the nose, resulting in a more balanced and harmonious facial profile.

We invite you to book a free nose job consultation to discuss your ideal nose shape, whether it's a pixie nose, Roman nose, Greek nose, or Tinkerbell nose. Our Este professionals will advise you on the best rhinoplasty option to achieve your goals. At Este Medical Group, we pride ourselves on our expertise in facial harmony, personalised approach and client care, and proven results.

Non Surgical vs Surgical Rhinoplasty

When comparing non-surgical and surgical rhinoplasty, the key differences lie in the approach and recovery time. Non-surgical rhinoplasty uses skin-safe injectable fillers to make subtle adjustments, requires no incisions, and offers immediate results with minimal downtime. In contrast, surgical rhinoplasty involves small incisions and reshaping of the nasal structure, providing permanent changes but often with a longer recovery period. 

Este Medical offers a unique blend of healthcare and beauty services to improve your wellbeing and appearance, whether you desire dramatic transformation or subtle enhancement.

Choose Este Medical For Natural Facial Enhancements 

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is an excellent choice for individuals seeking subtle, natural-looking enhancements to their nose shape and symmetry without any downtime or significant risks. 

Dermal fillers have become a wonderful way to achieve your aesthetic goals, allowing for precise adjustments that can lift, smooth, and improve overall facial harmony, all with minimal discomfort and recovery time.

If you are considering non-surgical facial enhancements for the first time then you should explore the many Este Medical facial treatments currently available. 

Book your free consultation with Este Medical Group today!

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June 4, 2024

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