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The Sapphire Hair Transplant Method
sapphire hair transplant turkey


Feb 10, 2022

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Este Medical Group

We’ve compiled a handy guide that delves right in to everything the Sapphire Method hair transplant entails. Here’s what you need to know...

What is Sapphire FUE?

FUE Sapphire treatment is a hair transplant method that is becoming increasingly popular with those looking to revamp their hair whether that’s due to thinning or hair loss.

It is one of the most advanced methods of hair transplants, is minimally invasive, and thanks to the use of local anaesthetic, is low or often zero pain too.

FUE stands for follicular unit extraction and the sapphire element is down to the blades that are used being made from the sapphire gemstone. Blades made from sapphire ensure incisions made on the scalp are as minute as possible and are less likely to scab afterwards.

Este Medical Group deliver Sapphire hair transplant in Istanbul using only the most qualified and experienced surgeons out there. Whether you’re looking to replace hair lost due to hereditary hair loss in both men and women, some forms of hair loss due to scarring, and also mechanical, circular and diffuse hair loss.

Sapphire FUE vs DHI

When considering your hair transplant options, it’s wise to look over the methods available to you. There are two hair transplant techniques. The Sapphire FUE and the DHI (or Direct Hair Implantation) method. Let’s take a look at DHI vs Sapphire FUE and examine the differences...

Sapphire FUE

High Density – with Sapphire FUE you can be assured of a greater number of tiny channels created in your scalp – the more channels there are means the more hair that can be transplanted. Around 5000 FUE grafts can be made during a treatment.

Smaller Channels – the sapphire blades used are v-shaped. This means the channels created during the incision process are much smaller than traditional treatments that don’t use sapphire blades.

Natural Look – Experienced surgeons can create a much more natural looking hair transplant when using sapphire blades. They can be angled and placed more precisely and as a result, the overall look is one that imitates how your own hair would grow naturally.

Ideal for Skin Sensitivities – Metal can sometimes cause an allergic skin reaction and so, with the use of Sapphire blades in our Sapphire FUE Turkey Este clinic any possibility of this happening is eliminated.

Sapphire hair transplant
Hair Transplant Patient at Este

Lower Risk of Complications – Sapphire blades do not blunt like steel blades and so damage to the skin is kept to an absolute minimum with FUE Sapphire. This means that Sapphire FUE recovery is generally quicker than DHI.

Sapphire Blades are Exceptional – when you choose the Sapphire method hair transplant you’re choosing the best you can get. The quality of the tools used is second to none and the sapphire blades stay sharp for a vast duration of time.

Less Risk of Bleeding – once again, it's yet another advantage of the sapphire blades! The risk of bleeding post-treatment is dramatically reduced thanks to the blades used. Skin responds much better to grafts made by delicate sapphire blades than it does to those created by steel implements.


  • DHI hair transplant involves a longer healing time than Sapphire FUE.
  • If you’re wanting to replace hair over a large area, the DHI method isn’t suitable. Only 1500-3500 grafts can be taken in a typical DHI treatment session, while it’s possible to see around 5000 – 6000 grafts transplanted in a Sapphire procedure.
  • DHI treatment generally takes longer than the Sapphire method hair transplant.
  • DHI is sometimes more expensive.
  • Because DHI uses steel blades, if these blades haven’t been well maintained the experience can take longer as the blades won’t be as sharp as the sapphire blades. What’s more blunter tools means less efficiency so the whole process could take longer than expected.

If you’re considering a hair transplant and you’re weighing up the differences between Sapphire FUE vs DHI, we hope we’ve presented all the information you need. However, the main thing to consider when choosing a hair transplant is the clinic that you’ll go to for your procedure.

At Este Medical Group, we only use the most experienced, expert hair surgeons for our Sapphire hair transplant in Istanbul. So if you’re wanting a hair loss treatment that delivers superb, permanent hair restoration with a natural aesthetic, then the Sapphire FUE hair transplant is the most advanced option available to you.

To find out more about revamping the way you look and feeling better about your hair, get in touch with the experts at Este Medical and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.

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