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The 15 Minute Nose Job
15 minute nose job


Jun 23, 2022

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Este Medical Group

No, we’re not joking – it really is entirely possible to enjoy the results of non surgical liquid rhinoplasty in just 15 minutes thanks to the experts at Este. Read on to discover everything you need to know about this super quick fix for your nose.

What is Non Surgical Rhinoplasty?

Ok, let’s deal with the basics first. Non surgical rhinoplasty is another name for a non surgical nose job in the UK.

It’s a quick procedure that can change the shape and look of your nose in just 15 minutes, and it’s done thanks to the use of dermal fillers.

You can have a non surgical nose job for a wide nose, or you can choose non surgical rhinoplasty for a droopy tip, or hooked nose.

How does a Non Surgical Nose Job Work?

The fillers used in your non surgical nose job work to even out the appearance of your nose. For instance, if you have a crooked bridge, your aesthetician will inject dermal filler at appropriate points on your nose to smooth it out.

It basically works to give the impression of a more contoured, bump-free nose, but doesn’t change any of the actual bone structure. It’s super clever and because there’s no surgery involved, it’s a safe, quick, and easy way to change your nose shape immediately.

At Este, we are confident that we deliver some of the best non surgical rhinoplasty in the UK. Just take a look at our non surgical rhinoplasty reviews to see how pleased our clients are with their results.

Pros and Cons of a Non Surgical Nose Job

Wondering, ‘is non surgical rhinoplasty worth it?’ and want to find out about the pros and cons. Well, here’s the quick lowdown:


  1. It’s quick
  1. A non surgical nose job price in the UK is much cheaper than a surgical nose job
  1. It’s much safer than a surgical nose job
  1. If you don’t like the results, don’t worry – it won’t last forever


  1. If you love the results you’ll need to have repeat treatments as this procedure  doesn’t last forever
  1. You may experience slight swelling and/or bruising and redness
  1. It’s rare but sometimes the filler can migrate to under your eyes or elsewhere on your nose

Who can have a Non Surgical Nose Job Procedure?

When you come in for your consultation at Este we will be able to advise you as to whether you are a suitable candidate for a non surgical nose job procedure.

If you’d like this treatment because you’ve been looking for the answer to ‘can non surgical rhinoplasty make your nose look smaller?’ or you want to straighten out a crooked-looking nose, or give a little uplift to the tip of your nose, then you may be the ideal candidate.

Non surgical rhinoplasty is the perfect solution for those who don’t want a permanent change and would rather steer clear of surgery.

Are Non Surgical Nose Jobs Permanent?

We’re often asked ‘how long does a non surgical nose job last?’ The answer varies from person to person. In general, you can expect your non surgical nose job after rhinoplasty results to last for around six months.

Are there any Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Risks?

The risks associated with non surgical rhinoplasty are relatively low – especially when compared to the surgical alternative. Of course, there are occasions of a non surgical nose job gone wrong but you can help to avoid these instances by choosing highly trained professionals to carry out your procedure.

Possible non surgical rhinoplasty risks include:  

  • Filler migration
  • Bruising, soreness and redness
  • Your therapist using too much dermal filler so that your nose looks overfilled
  • Nausea is a possible side effect

At our Este clinics across the UK, we have treated many clients for non surgical rhinoplasty and you can see our non surgical nose job before and after photos for the exceptional results we’ve managed to achieve.

How long does Swelling last after a Non Surgical Nose Job?

At Este, we understand that coming in for a treatment you’ve never had before can feel a bit daunting. We also appreciate you’ll have lots of questions like this one that you’ll want to ask.

Not everyone experiences swelling, redness or bruising after a non surgical nose job, so you may be lucky and have none of these side effects. If you do experience swelling, you should expect to see it reduce within the next 48 hours.

Does Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Hurt?  

No one enjoys pain. That’s why we make sure your treatment is as pain-free as possible. We’ll use a numbing agent on your nose prior to your dermal fillers being injected. This will help ease any pain you may feel.

With the non surgical nose job time coming in at around 15 minutes, even if you do feel any tenderness you can rest assured it will be short lived.  

What is the Non Surgical Rhinoplasty Cost?

The cost of your treatment will depend on how much filler is needed to achieve your desired result, and the time it will take to complete your procedure. As everyone is different, there is no one-size-fits-all figure. We will be able to advise you more on the non surgical rhinoplasty cost when we see you at your consultation.

Still dreaming of the perfect nose? Why wait? Get in touch with Este and treat yourself to a non surgical rhinoplasty makeover today.

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