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Stylist Sean Trusts Este Turkey For Full Hair Restoration Experience
Stylist Sean Trusts Este Turkey For Full Hair Restoration Experience


Feb 27, 2024

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Este Medical Group

Spending hours facing the mirror each day, professional hairstylist Sean came to the realisation that he was witnessing his own hair loss unfold in real time. 

Even at a young age, Sean recognised the importance of taking proactive steps to address his male hair loss, not only for the sake of his business but also for his personal self-esteem and confidence.

Lucky for Sean, he connected with Este Medical in Turkey! Sean travelled to our Este Medical hair loss clinic in Istanbul for a comprehensive hair restoration treatment that included hair grafting to increase hair density, along with stem cell hair therapy for hair regeneration and proven PRP hair injections to help regrow and thicken hair. 

The Power Of Hair Restoration! 

Experiencing premature hair loss can be traumatic for young and middle-aged men. The good news is that remarkable advancements in both surgical and non-surgical hair restoration methods offer effective solutions for those dealing with balding or thinning hair.

Seize the power to restore your hair by scheduling a free hair loss consultation with Este Medical Group. Discover the specific nature of your hair loss and learn more about the advanced restoration techniques tailored to address premature hair loss.

During your Este consultation make a point of asking about our proven and effective hair loss treatments, including: 

If you are researching what to do about hair loss, explore the links above to learn about the variety of remarkable hair restoration treatments available at Este Medical Group.

Sean Gets Stem Cell Therapy:

Embrace the Confidence of Youth: Take Charge of Your Hair Loss Journey Today!

Our Este client Sean acted promptly on his hair loss, perhaps due to his daily scrutiny as a professional hairdresser. 

Don't let hair loss catch you off guard. Take proactive steps by scheduling a hair loss consultation with experts at Este Medical. Understanding the type of hair loss you're experiencing will open the door to a multitude of effective treatment options available at an Este clinic near you.

Allow Este Medical Group to guide you towards the best hair loss treatments for successful hair regrowth. Our expert advice on hair thickening, cutting-edge treatments for hair thinning, and regrowth therapies are designed to efficiently combat hair loss and restore your hair in record time!

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February 27, 2024

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