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Since Age 6 Jessica Had Alopecia, Now Alopecia Gone Thanks To Este Hair Growth Treatments!
Since Age 6 Jessica Had Alopecia, Now Alopecia Gone Thanks To Este Hair Growth Treatments!


Mar 19, 2024

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Este Medical Group

Our London Este Medical client Jessica says our hair growth treatment for alopecia is the first to actually work! 

At a young age Jessica had to deal with years and years of alopecia hair loss and empty promises. She credits her new hair growth and boosted self-confidence to Este Medical alopecia hair loss treatments

Find out how Jessica felt about having alopecia, and what motivated her to try new alopecia treatments in London at Este Medical: 

“I felt like an alien having alopecia. It was getting to a point that my mental health was being greatly affected, and I knew I had to do something. My hair loss from alopecia was at about 50 per cent, so I started researching online and found a successful Este case study about hair growth after Este treatments."
"Some of the treatments were new to me, but I thought the Este consultation is free, I'll give it a go and see what happens. Jump ahead over a year, I have my hair back and I’m really thankful I found Este Medical,” reveals Jessica. 

Are you concerned about hair loss due to alopecia? You can have a free alopecia hair loss consultation at Este Medical Group. 

Before and After Results
Alopecia Before and After

Este Medical Group has numerous alopecia success stories to share with you. Have a look at our alopecia before and after photo gallery

Our hair loss experts at Este understand that having alopecia or any type of hair loss that is dramatically visible is stressful and can often lead to poor self-esteem and depression. At Este you will be supported every step of the way along your hair restoration journey. 

“At Este I got a lot of support and reassurance from the team, I appreciate how honest Este was with me, I never felt like I was being given empty promises. I love that now I can have my hair free falling and go swimming again without worrying about hiding my alopecia."
"I now feel comfortable and confident with my hair, I am really happy with the Este results, its been amazing seeing the new hair growth. I’m glad I was consistent and had patience during the alopecia hair treatments. After about 2 to 3 months of Este alopecia treatment my hair started to grow quickly,” says Jessica. 

Here are more rave reviews about Este Medical alopecia hair loss treatments. 

If you know someone who is struggling to cure alopecia, then tell them to book a free hair care consultation at Este Medical Group. Alopecia can be treated! 

Can You Fully Recover From Alopecia?

When it comes to having alopecia hair therapy it is important to be realistic, as new hair growth doesn’t happen overnight, it can take weeks or a few months for hair follicles to strengthen and the scalp to rejuvenate with the help of PRP scalp injections and Exciplex light therapy for treating autoimmune skin conditions safely.  

Take Jessica for example, in the video she details how it took a few months for her to see results, and she has been keeping up with her Este alopecia hair treatments for over a year.

She has UK PRP alopecia hair treatment once a month, and has Exciplex hair therapy twice a week to maintain the best long-term hair growth results for her alopecia condition (see alopecia areata). 

“If you are scared or worried because you have tried so many different types of treatments, all I can tell you is that Este Medical worked for me. I highly recommend Este Medical and their Exciplex and PRP combined treatments,” says Este London client Jessica. 

Let’s start you on your hair growth journey to overcome alopecia for good. Start with an Este alopecia consultation to talk about your concerns as well as your goals and expectations.

You will find that our extensive experience with alopecia will restore your confidence in curing alopecia and moving on with your life with confidence and fewer hats!

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March 19, 2024

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