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Ross Says Este Medical Will Get Your Acne Problem Sorted!
Ross Acne Before and After Treatment Says Este Medical Will Get Your Acne Problem Sorted


May 16, 2024

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Este Medical Group

Near unbelievable results for our client Ross after having ClearSkin laser treatments and acne chemical peels to get problematic face acne under control.

Ross’ face after acne peel looks wonderful, his skin tone is bright and even, and above all, the skin looks clean and healthy. 

Ross was absolutely struggling with out of control facial acne, especially on his cheeks, around his nose, and at his temples. His skin was perpetually red and always in a breakout situation that was having a negative effect on his confidence. This is how Ross got back control.   

“I had been struggling with acne for a few years, so I started doing treatment research and came across Este Medical and booked a skincare consultation. It was all good from there! My dad knew someone who had been to Este for treatments and they had recommended it. After my acne skin consultation it was recommended I start laser treatments along with acne peels and they worked, so I stuck with them. I am extremely happy with the results! I definitely recommend Este Medical to anyone looking to get their acne sorted,” reveals Ross.  

Here are the two treatments Ross had combined to get those amazing clear skin results! 

Would you like to arrange a free Este Medical UK acne skincare consultation? Send us a message through our website to get started! 

After having professional chemical peels and laser to target chronic acne and skin discolouration we strongly recommend having HydraFacials to maintain clear skin and keep acne causing bacteria under control. Preventive HydraFacials will keep skin clear and glowing from month to month! 

How Can HydraFacial Treatments Help My Acne Problem? 

Regular Este UK HydraFacial treatments are a vital component of your skincare routine, offering a multi-step process to refresh and protect problem skin. This treatment is ideal for acne-prone skin because HydraFacial technology uses a small ‘vacuum cleaner-like’ cleansing device to extract dirt, dry skin cells, and trapped oil from the face, which makes it beneficial on a regular basis to keep acne causing bacteria under control. 

Attention Men! Let us help you pull together a beneficial and effective skincare routine to get your skin looking its best: Facial Care Tips for Men! 

Put your best face forward, schedule a free skincare consultation at Este Medical Group now!

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May 16, 2024

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