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Post-Holiday Skincare Guide: Skin Detox After The Festive Season
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Jan 4, 2024

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Este Medical Group

The holiday season's irresistible sweet treats, rich foods, and endless rounds of drinks can take a toll on your complexion, leaving few unscathed by their ‘toxic’ effects. 

We’ve all heard it before, that an excessive consumption of sugar, rich foods, and alcohol during the festive season can lead to a range of negative effects on the face and skin. 

  • Sugar can contribute to inflammation, leading to breakouts and skin dullness
  • Rich foods, often high in fats, might trigger excess oil production and cause acne flare-ups
  • Alcohol can dehydrate the skin, leading to face dryness, redness, fine lines, and puffiness, while its inflammatory nature can worsen conditions like rosacea 

Overall, these indulgences can result in a lacklustre complexion, breakouts, redness, and increased skin sensitivity post-holidays.

Besides an indulgent diet, holiday stress and seasonal weather changes can also trigger skin breakouts of acne on the face, chapped skin and skin redness, as well as dark circles under the eyes.  

Here are a few examples of how festive seasonal stress and wintry conditions like snow, icy wind and an increase in indoor heating can have a negative impact on your skin: 

Holiday Stress:

Winter Weather:

  • Drier face skin: Cold, dry air can strip the skin of moisture, causing dry skin and skin flakiness. Also when the heat is increased indoors it can sap the skin of moisture 
  • Oily skin on face: Cold weather can prompt an overproduction of oil as the skin tries to compensate for dryness, leading to shine and breakouts

All combined, food, drink, lack of sleep, holiday stress, winter weather and hot rooms can lead to unwanted skincare issues, as well as make some skin problems worse (i.e., wrinkles, acne, eczema, rosacea). 

Este Medical’s Post-Holiday Guide To Detox The Skin 

A detox for the skin should be mandatory after every major holiday and most special occasions like weddings and birthdays. Este Medical Group is the leading authority on face and skincare treatments that restore radiance and youth — we even have our own exclusive line of Este Plus skincare for all genders and ages! 

Here’s our expert skincare tips and skin detox treatment recommendations to restore skin vitality and radiance. 

The Este HydraFacial stands as the ultimate facial treatment and the best detox for skin after the holidays. It is unquestionably the champion in clear skin detox results, as it resolves numerous skin concerns all at once! 

HydraFacial offers a comprehensive skincare solution after the holidays:

A HydraFacial is highly effective at unclogging pores, reducing their size, deeply cleansing, and safely exfoliating the skin’s surface.

It provides intense hydration, plumps the skin, minimises fine lines, manages acne, and enhances skin texture and tone for a smoother, more vibrant complexion.

Don’t wait until the last minute, book your Este Medical HydraFacial detox treatment today! 

At-home skincare practices for the face:

These play an important role in detoxifying and rejuvenating your skin. Let’s explore the detox benefits for skin care at home during the holidays and after the party is over! 

  • Regular exfoliation with mild exfoliants or hydrating face masks helps slough off dead skin cells, revealing a fresher brighter complexion
  • Overnight face masks to hydrate or detox the skin are recommended, we recommend treatments enriched with antioxidants to help replenish lost moisture and combating free radicals, which can cause skin damage
  • Proactive moisturising, keep nourishing your skin with a lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturiser that helps to lock in hydration and supports the skin's natural barrier function.We recommend you use our new EP Deluxe Moisturizer along with EP Anti-Blemish Elixir
  • Try not to do it all! It’s tempting during the holidays to go whole hog, but your skin will look better if you practise a more moderate holiday pace; stay hydrated, eat a balanced diet rich in antioxidants, and get sufficient sleep…maybe once in a while say no to that last nightcap! 

Consistent skincare routines and specialised facial treatments play a key role in achieving a detoxified, glowing complexion, nurturing overall skin wellness, whether at home or through customised care at a medical clinic like Este!

Best Clear Skin Detox Treatments 

Este Medical clinics offer the best skin detox treatments for bright clear skin. Experience the transformative power of proven facial treatments — an absolute must for post-holiday skin renewal. 

Is your main holiday skincare concern skin congestion, skin texture, oily skin and acne? Here are the best clear skin detox for face treatments: 

If holiday skin dryness and dull skin is your main issue, then these Este face treatments can address your concerns with fine lines, dehydrated skin, skin laxity, and signs of ageing:

Not sure which of these facial treatments is going to give you the results you want? Book a free Este Medical skincare consultation and our skincare experts will assess your skin condition and make the most appropriate facial treatment recommendation to help you reach your post-holiday goals! 

Why Detox And Skin Care Are A Priority For Este Medical Group 

At Este Medical Group, prioritising detox and skincare is fundamental to our mission of holistic wellness

Our Este hair, body and skincare experts acknowledge that healthy, vibrant skin is not just an aesthetic asset, but a reflection of overall health.

This holiday season let us tailor a customised post-holiday skin detox just for you! Send us a message through our website to set up a holiday detox spa day at one of our Este Medical clinics worldwide!  

Happy Holidays from your friends at Este Medical Group

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January 4, 2024

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