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Personal Trainer Pav Has Este PRP Facial
Personal Trainer PAV


Apr 18, 2023

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Check out physique coach @pavsavva having one of our most popular facial treatments — the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) mesotherapy facial, also known as the vampire facial.

Pavlos Savva knows the benefits of a PRP face treatment to ‘jack’ his complexion to the next level. PRP injections for the face have many skincare benefits including improving skin texture, decreasing the look of fine lines, as well as lifting the face.   

How Does a PRP Facial Work? 

PRP facials are an advanced type of microneedling treatment that use an extracted serum of your own blood to improve skin health. 

Platelet-rich plasma facial treatments use your own blood cells to level up your skincare routine. By injecting your own blood beneath the skin’s surface, specifically your blood cell platelets and plasma, it will help kick-start your body’s natural healing process, which then works to rejuvenate your skin from the inside out.  

PRP microinjections are natural, skin-safe and non-surgical; this treatment is for males and females looking to boost their skincare game. PRP facials are an excellent anti-ageing treatment to have on a regular basis! 

Top 5 PRP Skin Benefits

  1. Decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Microneedling triggers your skin to start repair work! A PRP facial helps to stimulate natural collagen production to make the skin look younger and healthier. 
  2. Plump your skin — give your skin a tighter and more lifted appearance. This treatment is especially good at plumping skin grooves, hollow cheeks and temples.  
  3. Improve the appearance of uneven skin texture and acne scars. Platelet-rich plasma facial treatments help your skin to form new collagen, which will improve overall skin texture. Your skin will feel so smooth! 
  4. Treat hyperpigmentation and improve skin tone. Microneedling with PRP can treat age spots and areas of uneven pigment to help fade spots or uneven areas of skin colour, helping to give you a more clear complexion.
  5. Boost hair volume and improve scalp health. PRP or platelet-rich plasma treatments for hair loss can help prepare the scalp for a hair transplant, and post-hair transplant PRP will help transplanted hair follicles to thrive. PRP microinjections can help to reduce hair loss, plus increase hair diameter and hair density.

Fast-Acting PRP Results!

Whether you are having a PRP facial, or platelet-rich plasma scalp injections for a FUE hair transplant, you will enjoy long-lasting results.

There is minimal discomfort during the treatment, and skin rejuvenating healing starts immediately. You will see results in about 2-3 weeks from a PRP treatment. 

Este Medical Anti-Ageing Skincare Treatments

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April 18, 2023

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