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Pavlos ‘Pav’ Savva Says Este #1 For Exosome Microneedling Face Treatment
Pavlos ‘Pav’ Savva Says Este #1 For Exosome Microneedling Face Treatment


Mar 14, 2024

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Este Medical Group

Welcome back to Este Medical @pavsavva! When it comes to the latest skincare treatments, physique coach Pavlos Savva embraces skincare for men

Pav loves coming to Este Birmingham for cutting-edge skincare treatments like exosomes mesotherapy, microneedling, and PRP vampire facials

Here’s why Pav keeps coming back to Este Medical Group:

“Este is the best. They provide the best treatments, the best service, and the whole Este team welcomes you like family,” reveals Pavlos Savva. 

PAV’s ASCE+ Exosome Skin Therapy X Advanced Microneedling

In the video, Pav takes you behind the scenes so you can see what a face microneedling procedure combined with exosome skin therapy looks like. Pav is a pro when it comes to having our Este facial treatments, and you can see from his expression how relaxed and at ease he feels at our Birmingham medical clinic.   

Why is exosome skincare so popular?

ASCE+ exosome mesotherapy is next generation skincare technology and the newest breakthrough in regenerative aesthetics. Exosome skin therapy is one of the best anti-ageing and regenerating skin treatments for men and women, it is designed to revitalise ageing skin to recapture a more youthful appearance. 

When ASCE exosome skin therapy is combined with microneedling treatments like Morpheus8 or Radio Frequency Microneedling it adds another layer of mesotherapy skincare benefits to the procedure. Microneedling and exosome skin treatments allow for deeper penetration of the ASCE+ skincare formula, which optimises absorption and amplifies skin rejuvenation. 

For optimal ASCE+ results, we recommend a combination of microneedling with exosomes and topical treatment, totaling 4 to 5 sessions, to achieve the best skincare treatment results.

Schedule your Este UK exosome skin treatment today! 

Pav has also had Este platelet-rich plasma facial treatments (PRP for men). Este Medical Group is the leading service provider of PRP and PRF hair loss and facial treatments in the UK. Send us a message through our website to book a platelet-rich hair regrowth treatment or a UK PRP face treatment

Stop The Clock! Discover ASCE+ Exosome Skin Therapy Benefits

As PAV likes to say on his Instagram, ‘What’s stopping you?’ ASCE+ skin therapy, combined with microneedling and exosomes, enhances skin repair and skin regeneration at an unprecedented pace, delivering results unlike anything you've experienced before.

Discover the best UK facial treatments at Este to reach your grooming and aesthetic goals by scheduling a professional skin assessment. Take action now and contact us today to arrange your free Este Medical skincare or hair loss consultation.

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March 14, 2024

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