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Mommy Glow-Up: Danielle's Radiant Transformation with Post-Pregnancy Pigmentation Face Treatment
Mommy Glow-Up: Danielle's Radiant Transformation with Post-Pregnancy Pigmentation Face Treatment


Apr 23, 2024

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Este Medical Group

New mum Danielle explains what made her choose Este Medical Birmingham for her skin brightening treatments to enhance her complexion. 

“I was suffering really badly from pigmentation following pregnancy. It affected my confidence, and I was having to go out of the house every day wearing make-up. All I could think about was having my confidence back and not having to wear make-up every time I left the house," reveals Danielle.

Because of her pregnancy related skin pigmentation (melasma), Danielle took action to restore her confidence and self-esteem with Este’s help. 

“A friend told me about Este, and I took a look at the Este Medical Instagram and saw the best results I had seen anywhere on the Internet. I had an Este skin consultation and it was really informative. I saw lots of before and after pigmentation treatment photos. It was such a positive experience,” says Danielle. 

Book your complimentary Este UK consultation! Discover how we can help lighten and revitalise your skin, boosting your confidence along the way. 

Mommy Makeover: Danielle’s Skin Depigmentation Results! 

In Danielle’s before-and-after treatment photos for face pigmentation, you'll notice significant melasma discoloration across her forehead, temples, sides, and cheeks. At her skincare consultation at Este in Birmingham, her ‘pregnancy mask’ was notably visible, and her skin tone was out of balance.

However, post-treatment, Danielle's complexion undergoes a remarkable transformation. It's hard to believe she ever faced issues with face discoloration or pregnancy melasma.

Danielle before and after result
“Now I am feeling confident again without wearing make-up because the peels worked. I have already recommended Este Medical to someone I know who has pregnancy pigmentation, and I definitely recommend Este Medical Group,” says Este Birmingham client Danielle. 

We are so thrilled that Danielle took the time to share her experience and give other young mums the confidence to take action if face pregnancy pigmentation is bothering them. 

All it takes is a quick message to Este Medical to set up a free melasma pregnancy pigmentation skincare consultation at an Este clinic near you. 

What Is Pregnancy Melasma? 

Melasma, commonly known as the ‘mask of pregnancy,’ is a form of hyperpigmentation that many pregnant women and new mothers experience. These dark patches or freckle-like spots typically appear on areas like the cheeks, upper lip, forehead, neck, chest, and arms. While melasma isn't harmful, it can be bothersome for some, impacting confidence during an already transformative time. 

The best melasma and hyperpigmentation treatments offered by Este Medical include:

  • Cosmelan Pigmentation Peel
  • Harmony XL Pro Laser Light Therapy

And once you have had a professional pigmentation treatment you should be protecting your complexion daily with Este Plus Supreme SPF 50+ cream.  

Why Choose Este Medical For Pigmentation & Skin Lightening UK Treatments?  

Are you ready to take control of your skin pigmentation, regardless of gender? Whether it's dark spots from sun damage or changes due to major life events like menopause or pregnancy, it's time to reclaim your confidence. If you're nodding along, then it's time to take action. Schedule your free skincare consultation with Este Medical Group today. Let us help you correct and revitalise your face or body skin pigmentation, and step out with a renewed sense of confidence.

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April 23, 2024

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