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Melasma Mustache: How to Reverse Dark Upper Lip
melasma mustache


May 30, 2023

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Este Medical Group

A melasma moustache, also called a sun mustache or summer moustache, is a skin pigmentation condition that often gets worse in the summer because of increased sun exposure. This type of melasma often appears over the upper lip, causing this area of the face to darken (e.g., brown blotchy patches, or greyish skin over the lip). Este Medical does have a wonderfully easy and skin-safe treatment to recommend!

Don’t panic! Melasma pigmentation over the lip is not considered a health threat; however, it can be frustrating to live with as it visibly affects your skin colour and your appearance. It’s also an indication you need to increase your use of SPF skincare and sun protection (e.g., increase your protection with a sun hat, sun shade, sun umbrella in the summer).

In most cases a melasma moustache is a result of sunlight and sun damage; the delicate skin over the lip is overly exposed to the sun’s damaging rays. It can also be attributed to changes in hormones (e.g., postnatal, menopause for example), your genetics, and some medications.

Melasma Mustache Causes

What causes melasma mustache? For the most part, this type of skin discoloration is a result of excessive melanin in the inner and outer layers of the skin. Melasma occurs when there is a cellular increase in the pigment melanin in the skin.

The following factors may work alone to cause a melasma moustache, or combine to cause this condition. Here are things that may cause a melasma lip mustache. 

  • Sun damage, frequent sun (UV) or heat exposure (i.e., melasma sun mustache)
  • Hormone changes in puberty, or from postpartum and postnatal changes (i.e., pregnancy melasma mustache re: pregnancy mask ) 
  • Some medications (e.g., birth control pills with oestrogen) 
  • Family history and genetics 
  • Illness or disease (e.g., thyroid disease)

Woman & Hormonal Melasma Mustache

Did you know that melasma mustache is more likely for reproductive-aged females than it is in males. It is a common pregnancy condition, affecting 15% - 50% of pregnant or postnatal women. During pregnancy, this type of melasma is often referred to as the mask of pregnancy.

How Can I Treat Melasma Mustache?

One of the best professional treatments to reverse dark upper lip pigmentation are cosmelan pigmentation peel sessions. Send us a message through our website to find an Este Medical clinic near you

Can You Get Rid Of Melasma Moustache?

Yes, there are effective and professional ways to get rid of melasma mustache. Cosmetic treatment is recommended for melasma dark upper lip because if left untreated it can recur from summer to summer, or unfortunately get worse with more exposure to sun and UV light (e.g., tanning beds).

How to get rid of melasma mustache? Here’s our recommendation for upper lip melasma mustache treatment.

You can certainly try drugstore at-home skin brightening moisturising lotions and creams to treat melasma upper lip, but you might find that getting instant results takes longer than your summer vacay.

Another option is dermatologist prescribed topical treatments that include skin-lightening ingredients like azelaic acid, kojic acid, and retinoids. Este Medical actually has a new line of skincare products, and for a melasma moustache treatment we would recommend our Este Plus Brightening Solution, EP Natural Lip SPF, and EP Supreme SPF 50+ suncare!

The ultimate treatment for melasma mustache is a professional cosmelan pigmentation peel. In the case of melasma on upper lip, your Este Medical skincare expert will apply a cosmelan peel containing the natural skin-lightening ingredients azelaic acid and kojic acid.

Take a look at these remarkable cosmelan peel before-and-after depigmentation client photos to see how effective this treatment is on a variety of skin tones.   

How Does A Cosmelan Peel Work To Reverse Dark Upper Lip?

A cosmelan peel to reverse a dark upper lip works on all types of skin and different levels of pigmentation across all ages. When a cosmelan peel treatment is applied to the upper lip, its active ingredients get to work targeting the cells that give skin its pigment and help inhibit melanin production.

Our skin-safe cosmelan peel’s azelaic acid and kojic acid target the cells responsible for pigmentation. As a result, the treatment area will lighten (especially over a couple of sessions), plus the skin tone will balance out, along with the appearance of skin discolouration.

If you are tired of trying to hide your dark upper lip with concealer makeup, or want to try something more potent than chemist lightening creams, then send us a message through our website to book a cosmelan peel for dark upper lip or depigmentation lip treatment!

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May 30, 2023

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