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Maskne: Do I have it?
Guide to combating maskne


Feb 15, 2021

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Este Medical Group

What is maskne?  

It’s a new term that has been coined by the population to cover a range of rashes and breakouts that people are experiencing due to the increase use of face coverings.

Guide to combating maskne

Do masks cause breakouts?

The British skin foundation have looked into the impact on masks and how they can affect our skin. They have concluded that masks can lead to an increase in breakouts as they are repeatedly rubbing against your skin. This can affect areas such as your nose, ears and cheeks and can lead to redness, peeling and flaking skin. This can also be affected if you have skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea.  

Masks can trap moisture and sebum inside the pores which agitate pre-existing acne, causing and creating new breakouts because of the pores being clogged up. During warmer months this can lead to more breakouts.

How can you reduce maskne?

Here are some tips that can help to reduce the impact of maskne.  

  • Change your mask often or wash it regularly  
  • Use non-comedogenic products  
  • Wash your face twice a day
  • Avoid wearing makeup under your mask
  • Keep skin moisturised  
  • Wear your mask only when needed

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