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Latest Beauty Trends & Skin Treatments of 2023
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Jun 8, 2023

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Este Medical Group

Every year there are new beauty trends and cosmetic treatments to discover; some of these trends are a bit twee, like ear make-up, eyebrow lamination, and henna freckles. But many of them really do work, and are in keeping with the latest trends such as a sculpted ‘snatched’ face, lifted eyebrows, a sleek jawline, and a tight body.

Here’s a roundup of current trends and treatments that are catching fire on social media, especially trending on TikTok! 

Right Now On TikTok Beauty Trends 2023

The TikTok beauty buzz right now is all about non-invasive skincare and body treatments that help snatch your face and body — it’s all about toning, lifting, and sculpting curves and balancing your profile to enhance facial features and sexy contours that POP! on your TikTok videos, Instagram stories, Zoom meetings, and IRL!

When it comes to Tik Tok beauty trends there is a huge focus on face treatments that use injectables (i.e., dermal fillers) and laser light (i.e., Dermalux LED Therapy); and for the body, women and men want non-surgical body contouring and reshaping procedures that tone and sculpt muscles with HIFEM electromagnetic energy and radio frequency.

Top Beauty Treatments That Give Good Face! 

Here is Este’s Top 2023 Skincare & Beauty Treatments for looking snatched, camera-ready, fresh-faced, and glowing:

If you are interested in Este’s Top 5 facial treatments to lift, firm, tighten and smooth your skin, then send us a message through our website to book a skincare consultation at an Este UK clinic near you!

We're Rated Number #1 in Multiple Categories

Este Medical in the UK has always been at the forefront of the latest grooming and beauty trends, and more importantly, a name you can trust for non-surgical and surgical treatments. Este Medical Group has maintained an impeccable 5-Star Trustpilot rating, and is proud of being the UK’s leading specialist in body, skin, and hair loss treatments.

The Most Popular Body Treatments Across The UK!

The demand for tight sexy curves, bodycon fits, and muscle enhancement is not going away anytime soon. A quick and effective way to sculpt your silhouette is through non-surgical body reshaping and body contouring that uses radio frequency and electromagnetic energy to sculpt and tone muscles, as well as tighten loose skin.

If your goal is to look and feel more fit this year, then the following non-invasive body and health treatments are worth it! 

These are Este’s Top 5 body treatments to firm loose skin, snatch that waist, lift your booty, strengthen your core, tighten your vag (i.e., vaginal rejuvenation) + more! 

On a side note, if you are interested in Facial Sculpting (i.e., side profile balancing), we can help you with that! 

Why Choose Este Medical Professional Treatments?

Many TikTok skincare and bodycon trends are promoted as safe to do at home. When getting advice from non-experts, we ask that you do so with caution.

While some treatments can be carried out in the home, if you are looking for the best and most long-lasting results, it is with expert hands at a reputable medical clinic when skin and beauty treatments make all the difference. 

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Book a UK facial treatment and body consultation at an Este clinic near you to achieve the most optimal results.

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June 8, 2023

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