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Laser Tattoo Removal On Hand: Este Glasgow Before & After Photos
Name tattoo removal


Aug 22, 2023

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Este Medical Group

Bye-bye ‘Kirsty’ tattoo. Our Glasgow client had a name tattoo successfully removed from their hand using laser tattoo removal treatment.

You can see in the tattoo removal before and after photo that the name ‘Kirsty’ has been removed from the skin’s surface. You would barely know that once there was a tattoo on this hand. 

Why Have Laser Tattoo Removal? 

There are many reasons why people want to remove a tattoo from their skin, especially if the tattoo is the name of an ex-partner, or maybe the name of a friend or family member you have had a falling out with.

When meaningful relationships end, having a tattoo of someone’s name or likeness can be a painful reminder of times gone by. Often the best way to move on and start over is to remove the tattoo connected to unwanted memories. 

At Este Medical we provide laser tattoo removal procedures that will get rid of your undesirable tattoo ink. Our laser tattoo treatment delivers permanent results. Send us a message through our website to book your UK tattoo removal appointment. 

How To Remove A Tattoo 

One of the most effective and skin-safe ways to remove a skin tattoo is with laser tattoo removal

The good news is tattoo removal using laser energy has a high success rate. Thanks to advanced laser technology, you can successfully remove visible tattoos you no longer want.

During Este Medical tattoo removal treatment sessions our skincare experts use a ClearLift Q-switched laser; a high-powered laser that uses different wavelengths to ‘zap’ tattoo ink particles to break them down. In treatment, short-pulse laser energy penetrates the skin to shatter tattoo ink pigment, but does not damage the skin’s surface.

Are you concerned about tattoo removal being painful or uncomfortable? There is some mild discomfort with tattoo removal, but it passes quickly. Find out more in this tattoo removal Q&A guide: Does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt? 

Choose Este For Tattoo Removal UK Treatment Sessions

Lots of men and women get tattoos that they later regret or grow tired of looking at. Maybe your tattoo is not appropriate in a new relationship, or in a new job. 

Whatever you reason for removing an unwanted tattoo, Este Medical Group will support your decision without judgement. At our Este UK cosmetic clinics we have seen it all. We are here to help you make a clean start with newly refreshed skin, free of tattoo ink. 

Book a laser tattoo removal appointment with Este, and let us help you remove that tattoo you don’t want anymore. While we are getting back to you, take a moment to read this important guide about what to expect from tattoo ink removal: Laser Tattoo Removal at Este: Tattoo Removal Before, During & After.

Este Medical offers safe and effective laser tattoo removal for anyone who has changed their mind over some tattoo art. Let us help you get rid of an unwanted tattoo forever. Find an Este Medical hair loss and cosmetic clinic near you!

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August 22, 2023

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