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Laser Hair Removal at Home vs. Professional
laser hair removal at home vs salon


Feb 23, 2023

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Este Medical Group

If you’re done with the tweezers, the hair removal cream, the razors, the waxing, and the epilators, we hear you. Getting rid of unwanted hair has never been such a chore. Fortunately, when you choose laser hair removal, it’s not such a huge drama.

At Home Laser Hair Removal vs Salon

Deciding whether to go with laser hair removal at home or professional, is something to consider carefully. After all, whichever route you choose, you’ll still be spending your hard-earned cash. So, let’s look at the difference between at home laser hair removal and professional options.

Pros and Cons of At-Home Laser Removal

Let’s start with the pros of at-home laser hair removal. They are -

  • It’s super convenient
  • It’s cheaper
  • Zero embarrassment factor
  • Ideal for small areas of unwanted hair
  • Good if you suffer with mobility issues

At-home laser removal is ideal if you’ve got a tight budget to consider. You can buy at-home laser hair removal tech for anything upwards of £85 - £350+. The cost depends on whether you need a laser to treat a large surface area like your legs, or just a few annoying hairs on your face that you’d rather weren’t there.

Convenience is also a key pro when choosing at-home laser. If you live alone, have minimal interruptions outside of work, choosing an at-home option could really work for you. If, however, you have a family and a busy home life, finding the time to squeeze in laser hair removal at home could tip you over the edge.

And the cons?

  • It’s down to you to stick to the schedule
  • It’s not as powerful as in-salon laser hair removal
  • It will take longer to cover a larger area
  • Many at-home lasers aren’t suitable for all skin tones and hair types

The cons of at-home laser are pretty obvious and are largely down to the fact that the tech available in at-home models just can’t compare to in-salon versions. However, if you’re committed to regular top-ups then you should still see decent results.

Pros and Cons of Professional Laser Hair Removal

And now onto the professional treatment. Let’s take a look at the pros -

  • Powerful technology
  • Expert clinicians perform the treatment
  • Quicker results
  • Safety levels are adhered to
  • Suitable for a wider range of skin tones and hair types

When you choose to have a professional treatment in a reputable salon, you’ll be choosing the best technology available. That, coupled with the expertise of the salon staff, should ensure you have a great experience and see noticeable results.

As in-salon tech is more powerful, your results should be seen quickly, and you won’t have to go through as many treatment sessions as you would if you were using an at-home product.

And the cons?

  • It can be costly – you'll need a course of treatments and then may need top-ups
  • It might be difficult to schedule sessions into a busy lifestyle
  • You may not enjoy the idea of a stranger lasering certain body areas

The biggest drawback to having laser hair removal in a clinic is undoubtedly the cost. This is often one of the main reasons why many people choose to opt for at-home methods. However, if you get better results with the professional treatment, isn’t it worth the extra cash?

Is At Home Laser Hair Removal as Effective as Professional?

If you’re wondering, ‘is at home laser hair removal as effective as salon?’ then you’ll be pleased to hear that when you choose to treat yourself at home you can still get great results. However, there’s a real time commitment involved when going down the at-home route.

What’s more, because the laser devices are much smaller, and they don’t pack as much power as salon tech, you’ll need to spend longer treating even a small area.

Professional laser devices provide faster treatment time and give more impressive long-lasting results.

The Verdict

Of course, whether you choose to go down the at-home route or opt for the professional experience, it’s all down to personal choice. If getting out and about is tricky for you, then treating yourself in the comfort of your own home will undoubtedly be easier.

If money is no problem and your home life is hectic with young kids on the scene, scheduling a treatment in during your lunch hour will probably suit you better. So, deciding which option is for you isn’t about finding the answer to, ‘does at home laser hair removal work’, it’s about figuring out the choice that’s right for you.

At Este, we offer laser hair removal at our clinics across the UK.

Our treatments are safe, time efficient, effective, and offer zero downtime. Find out more about our expert treatment when you book in for your free, no obligation consultation and discover why an in-salon treatment might be the right option for you.

Before and After Facial Laser Hair Removal at Este

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February 23, 2023

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