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Josephine's Before & After Laser Hair Removal
laser hair removal before and after


Sep 15, 2022

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Este Medical Group

See the results of a laser hair removal treatment for female facial hair. It is not uncommon for women to grow hair on their chin and neck, but for many women it is undesirable. There is a solution to unwanted facial hair, and that is professional laser hair removal at an Este Medical Group clinic.

Our client Josephine let us share these before-and-after photos of her facial hair removal at Este, so you could see the observable outcome of her laser treatment.

See how there is no hair on the chin and neck after a laser treatment. 


Best Treatment for Excessive Hair Laser!  

There’s really only one good way to get rid of excessive hair permanently, and that’s with laser hair removal. Because, even if you shave, wax, tweeze or thread, unwanted facial hair eventually grows back. Este Medical Group’s laser treatment can target unwanted hair on the face (e.g., upper lip, chin, neck), as well as the lower stomach, upper and lower arms, and upper and lower back.

You Deserve The Best

Este offers the best laser hair removal in the UK. Clinically proven, laser hair removal is the most effective treatment to eliminate unwanted hair quickly and safely with definitive long-term results. Our clinics use FDA approved technology for laser hair removal: Soprano Platinum and Soprano Titanium machines, and the Candela laser machine. The machine selected for treatment will depend on the area being treated (e.g., face, arms, chest), skin tone, hair type, and the growth cycle of your hair. 

At Este we understand your desire to reduce and remove hair from your face and body; we are here to support you on that journey. Contact us through our website to book your laser hair removal consultation

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