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Jessica Gale Gets Este Laser Hair Removal
Jessica Gale Laser Hair Removal Este Medical Group


Jul 7, 2022

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Este Medical Group

Beautiful @jessicarosegale’s work takes her to many luxury beach resort destinations like Mexico, Ibiza, Santorini and the Maldives, and she has to be bikini-ready at all times.

Jessica Gale recently had Laser Hair Removal at our Este London clinic for her arms, legs and bikini area. She was thrilled to share that the procedure was relaxing and she’s looking forward to her next laser session. 

Jessica let us into her Este treatment to show you what a laser hair removal session involves. Have a watch! 

Non-invasive laser hair removal is a fast and safe way to reduce unwanted hair and hair growth. Our Este clinics use the latest technology: Soprano Platinum and Soprano Titanium machines. When the laser paddle is used over the skin’s surface it feels cold, this keeps the skin temperature comfortable while the machine’s laser targets hair follicles — it’s virtually pain-free! Over 18 million people have been safely and successfully treated with this technology, if it was painful it would be obsolete. 

Also a plus, hair removal positive results are noticeable after the first session, and by the end of the full course of treatment sessions even more effective and permanent. 

If you want full body laser hair removal, or just want to focus on one particular area (e.g., face, arms, legs, back, or bikini area…) we are here to help you.

Este Medical Group has laser hair removal clinics all across the UK — book a consultation or call us to discuss hair removal options.

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