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Isabella’s Rhinoplasty & Chin Implant Turkey Testimonial
Rhinoplasty before and after


Apr 11, 2023

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Este Medical Group

Let’s celebrate our lovely client Isabella, who now has a new facial profile as a result of a chin implant and rhinoplasty in Turkey at our Este Istanbul clinic.

Isabella came to us in Leeds because she was unhappy with her side profile. She wanted a rhinoplasty consultation and information about nose surgery in Turkey.

Here’s what Isabella says about her Este Medical consultation and cosmetic surgery trip to Turkey:

“During the consultation everything I needed to know was discussed — the hotel, the flight to Turkey. Once I arrived in Turkey I was looked after really well. It’s been 3 weeks since the surgery and the results are just incredible! I’ve never been so confident with my side profile. I highly recommend Este Medical Group.”

Isabella Decides to Finally Get Her Desired Face Profile

During Isabella’s rhinoplasty information gathering appointment at Este in Leeds, she told us that she had been thinking about fixing her profile for over ten years.

In an examination of her profile and face structure, it was recommended to Isabella that she combine her rhinoplasty procedure with a chin implant because of her weak chin — by having the two surgeries together it would produce the best overall results to achieve Isabella’s beauty goals.

After a decade of waiting to take action to enhance her profile, Isabella took the information and advice she got in Leeds and booked her surgery with Este Medical Group.

How Can I Enhance My Face Profile?

One way to enhance your side profile is by modifying the appearance of your nose and chin. Other ways to modify a side profile may include changes to the neck and jawline.

Reasons to enhance your facial profile might include wanting to reduce the visible signs of ageing, or maybe improving the balance and position of your facial features (e.g., weak chin, bumpy or crooked nose, bulbous nasal tip). Whatever the reason, Este Medical has various surgical and non-surgical treatments for the nose, chin, face, and neck to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

In Isabella’s case, the best way to beautify and enhance her facial profile was with surgical rhinoplasty and a chin implant.

Rhinoplasty Treatment 

Rhinoplasty surgery will address the shape and size of the nose to enhance your appearance and profile.

This cosmetic procedure alters the look of your nose — for instance, rhinoplasty can change your nose size, improve your facial symmetry, lift the tip of the nose, correct a nose bump or depression on the nose bridge, as well as fix wide or flared nostrils. Contact Este Medical to find out more information about rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey.

Chin Implant Treatment 

A chin implant, also known as mentoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery that can fix a weak chin (i.e., an under-projecting chin) to enhance a side profile and achieve better balance with the other facial features.

Chin implant Turkey surgery can strengthen a jawline, enhance a receding chin, add facial definition, and improve the contour to the lower part of the face. Better facial symmetry can be achieved by bringing the chin into better alignment with other face features. Send us a message through our website if you want to learn more about having a chin implant in Turkey.

How Can I Book Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey?

If you are interested in going to Turkey for a facial profile treatment we recommend you book an appointment at a UK Este clinic near you to discuss with an expert which treatment is best suited for you.

Don’t put your beauty goals on hold for years and years, book an Este consultation today!

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April 11, 2023

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