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“I’m much happier now!” Askalu Shares Successful Este Acne Treatment
Pigmentation Before and after results


Jan 23, 2024

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Este Medical Group

Askalu feels much better and has regained her self-confidence after treating her face for pimples and acne scarring and discoloured dark spots.

She found out about Este Medical Group pigmentation and spot treatments from our Este Instagram success stories, and decided to take action to treat her problem skin. 

Askalu’s Este Medical Treatment Plan for Face Acne & Facial Pigmentation 

“Before Este, my problem was with acne, acne scars and dark spots on the face, these skin issues were not making me feel confident. I arranged to have an Este skincare consultation and was advised to start with TMC peel and Scarlet RF microneedling, followed by Melanostop peel and microneedling. I love the results achieved with Este Medical Group! I feel confident about my skin now,” reveals Askalu. 

During an Este Medical consultation, our skincare experts analyse and suggest the optimal personalised body and face treatments customised to each Este client's unique and special needs.

In Askalu’s case, a customised treatment plan was essential to address her facial acne, dark acne scarring, and spots of pigmentation. The goal was to decrease skin inflammation, manage and control acne, diminish acne scars, and renew the skin’s surface to reveal a bright and more even skin tone. 

Askalu was able to achieve a brighter complexion and reduce acne through a combination of radio frequency microneedling (SRF) and highly active skin-safe chemical peels. 

Before Pigmentation Treatment
Before Treatment
After Pigmentation Treatment Result
After Treatment

Este Medical Group offers several skin-safe, non-surgical treatments to address pimples, skin tone issues, and uneven skin colour:

Choose Este Medical, The Leading Service Provider In Customised Clear Skin Treatments 

Askalu is one of the many Este skincare clients who has achieved impressive results with Este facial treatments like Scarlet Radio Frequency Microneedling and Cosmelan Pigmentation Peel

“If you are someone who is struggling with acne and acne scars like I was, I definitely recommend you come to visit Este Medical,” says Este client Askalu. 

Find other successful skin depigmentation and acne treatment client testimonials on our UK website!  

You can have an Este skincare consultation just like Askalu! Send us a message to arrange a free hair, body or skincare consultation today.

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January 23, 2024

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