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HydraFacial Steps: What Does HydraFacial Do?
HydraFacial Steps: What Does HydraFacial Do?


Aug 15, 2023

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Este Medical Group

Regular HydraFacial treatments are ideal for women and men who have dull skin, dry skin, and acne-prone skin. This professional skin facial treatment can also diminish the look of fine lines and improve skin tone. 

Este’s Excellent HydraFacial Reviews From People You Know! 

Hollyoaks Heartthrob Owen Warner: You are never too young to start a personal skincare regime with regular HydraFacial treatments. 

Faye Brookes let us share her customised Este HydraFacial on Instagram

Too Hot To Handle Harry Johnson says the Este Medical deep cleansing HydraFacial is his favourite treatment for refreshing his skin. 

TikTok personality Rumena Begum is a big fan of our Este HydraFacial and she can’t live without it! 

HydraFacial treatments are for everyone! Let’s talk about HydraFacial benefits and how consistent HydraFacial treatments will keep your skin looking fresh and firm throughout the year. 

What Is A HydraFacial? 

A salon or cosmetic clinic HydraFacial is a multi-step skincare treatment that gives your face a reboot. HydraFacial results do last a long time, about 2 to 4 weeks depending on at-home skincare. This is why we recommend you have a HydraFacial treatment every month

HydraFacials are intensive; this skincare procedure gets down deep into the skin and cleans better than most basic facials. HydraFacial is one of the best exfoliating, cleansing, anti-ageing treatments available. When it comes to a HydraFacial treatment the emphasis is on skin renewal and rejuvenation (i.e., deep exfoliation, lymphatic draining, intense hydration). 

The good news is HydraFacial treatments are skin-safe and gentle enough for you to have on a monthly basis. The best skincare is regular, proactive skincare. Here’s what a HydraFacial may involve depending on which clinic you go to. 

What Are The HydraFacial Steps? 

  1. Skin analysis 
  2. Cleansing
  3. Exfoliation 
  4. Extraction
  5. Infusion
  6. Hydration  
Before and After

Skin Analysis & HydraFacial Customisation

Before your first HydraFacial we recommend you have an in-depth skin assessment. Some of Este UK clinics use Visia Digital Skin Analysis to evaluate the true condition of your skin. The information a Visia digital imaging scan provides will reveal skin issues on and below the surface.  

With the information gathered from a skin assessment your first and following HydraFacial sessions can be customised to your specific skincare needs. At Este Medical Group, we offer customised HydraFacial treatments that target your skin conditions and concerns. Contact us to book a skin assessment today. .

HydraFacial Cleansing 

The amazing HydraFacial technology uses a small ‘vacuum cleaner-like’ cleansing device to extract dirt, dry skin cells, and oily grime from the face. This mini cleaning device sucks up all the impurities from the surface of your skin, especially around problem areas like the nose, T-zone, and chin.

This skin vacuuming brings excess sebum and dead skin cells to the surface, which are then exfoliated away. The whole process stimulates lymphatic draining to detoxify the skin and increase healthy blood circulation beneath the skin’s surface.

After the HydraFacial deep cleansing step, it is the right time to address surface texture, skin tone, and skin hydration. 

HydraFacial Exfoliation & Extraction 

During the HydraFacial exfoliation step, the skin’s surface is treated with a skin-safe solution containing glycolic acid and salicylic acid to further refine the pores and surface texture, as well as brighten and firm the skin. Glycolic acid helps to exfoliate, increase skin cell renewal, and boost collagen; and salicylic acid is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, which is particularly good for acne skin. This is followed by the application of a solution with honey extract and salicylic acid to soothe and heal.

Skin exfoliation is key to improving the look of dull, tired skin, as well as cleaning up whiteheads and blackheads, and diminishing the look of wrinkles.  

Would you like to book a UK HydraFacial treatment with Este Medical? Contact us through our website to get started! 

HydraFacial Infusion & Hydration 

Skin exfoliation is followed by the topical application of a mix of antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid that work to plump and moisturise the skin at a very deep level. Your face is treated with a moisturising serum to lock in hydration and ensure your complexion is glowing and radiant. This step nourishes your skin and drenches it in moisture. 

A LED light bath completes the treatment. This part of the treatment uses low-level light therapy that has many skincare benefits; the light bath stimulates production of collagen (i.e., the protein responsible for younger-looking skin), reduces redness, helps eliminate acne-causing bacteria, and reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles. 

HydraFacials are excellent at improving the skin’s texture, making it feel smoother, because of the deep exfoliation process. Dead, dry skin cells on the surface are no longer in the way. After a HydraFacial, your skin will feel smoother and have more volume, the colour will be more even, fine lines will be fewer, and your face will be more lifted and firmer. 

What are HydraFacial side effects? Should I be worried? No, you should not be worried about having a HydraFacial. This treatment is for all genders, and all skin types. Whatever your age, having a HydraFacial will prove effective. Really the only side effect, which is absolutely natural as a response to increased blood circulation beneath the skin’s surface, is some skin redness, which should fade quickly. 

Does HydraFacial sound like skincare you want to experience? Find an Este Medical UK clinic near you to make an appointment.  

What Are HydraFacial Benefits? 

If any of these skin conditions are a problem for you, then you will benefit from regular HydraFacial skincare sessions. 

  • Dull, dry skin from improper exfoliation. HydraFacial will boost collagen production and infuse skin with natural moisture. 
  • Skin pigmentation: HydraFacial treatment serums rich in antioxidants will reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation; HydraFacial skin resurfacing improves skin tone. 
  • Sun and UV damage: HydraFacial rehydrates the skin, reduces wrinkles and corrects hyperpigmentation.
  • Wrinkles: HydraFacial treatment minimises pore size and diminishes lines.
  • Oily skin: HydraFacial clears excess sebum and dead skin cells from the surface and pores of the skin. 
  • Whiteheads, blackheads, acne spots: HydraFacial exfoliation will remove pore-clogging impurities; HydraFacial resurfacing will diminish the look of acne scars.
  • Saggy skin: HydraFacial treatment boosts collagen and elastin beneath the skin’s surface, and helps to tighten and lift the skin.

Are HydraFacials Worth It? 

Yes, consistent HydraFacial treatments are worth the time and money, especially if you are looking to reduce the signs of ageing in your skin and keep your face lifted and firm without invasive surgery. This non-invasive facial treatment can target many common skin issues all at once. A HydraFacial instantly improves the look and feel of your face; it is one of the best anti-ageing UK treatments available. Many of our Este UK clients have a monthly session to maintain long-term results. 

Everyone is suitable for an Este Medical UK HydraFacial treatment. All skin types can be treated, so if you are wondering about a specific skin issue, get in touch with us today and book an Este Medical skincare consultation. We guarantee you will see instant results with HydraFacial! 

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August 15, 2023

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