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How To Remove Unwanted Skin Tags With A Simple High-Frequency Current
How To Remove Unwanted Skin Tags With A Simple High-Frequency Current


Apr 4, 2024

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Este Medical Group

As people age, skin tags become more common. Fortunately, they are not considered a worrying health concern. However, for aesthetic reasons, many women and men choose to remove unwanted skin tags on the neck, arm pits, and eyelids.

Let Este Medical Group guide you through the most effective and skin-safe method for removing skin tags using Lamprobe treatment.

What Causes Skin Tags?

While the precise cause of skin tags is often a mystery, it is likely that both lifestyle and genetic factors contribute.

Some individuals may develop skin tags without any obvious reason. Skin tags are most often linked to friction and hormonal changes, as well as ageing. 

Why Am I Getting Skin Tags All Of A Sudden? 

A surge in skin tags on your body warrants a trip to your family doctor. Though uncommon, the sudden emergence of numerous skin tags may indicate an underlying internal health issue. Consulting with a doctor or dermatologist is a reasonable step to assess and address the situation.

Can skin tags fall off? While some skin tags might naturally fall off, a doctor might suggest a medical procedure to remove skin tags causing discomfort or catching on clothing. Many people decide to remove them for cosmetic reasons, especially when skin tags are in visible areas like the face and neck. 

Can I Cut A Skin Tag Off? 

Do skin tags bleed? We strongly recommend you do not take skin tag removal into your own hands. Attempting to cut off a skin tag at home with scissors or a blade can result in infection or uncontrollable bleeding. The bleeding from a large skin tag can be surprisingly significant if not cauterised or frozen by a medical professional.

If you're bothered by skin tags day and night, book a free skin consultation with Este Medical. Discuss the possibility of a simple and safe Lamprobe skin tag removal treatment at an Este clinic near you. 

How To Remove Skin Tags? 

Always have skin tags removed by a skin expert. One option is freezing skin tags with liquid nitrogen. Although rare, cryotherapy freezing of skin tags may cause scarring and skin pigmentation. Another is cutting an incision, which also might leave a scar. 

A more advanced method for removing skin tags is Lamprobe treatment, which is available at Este Medical clinics. Lamprobe treatments use a special non-invasive probe that directs safe high-frequency radio wave currents onto the skin's surface.

During a Lamprobe skin treatment, the energy current evaporates moisture in the skin cells of the skin tag, causing them to dry up and come off.

Lamprobe treatments are fast, often lasting only 3 to 5 seconds. They are non-surgical and do not require anaesthesia. 

Lamprobe is an ideal and skin-safe way to remove unwanted skin irregularities (e.g., age spots, acne pimples).  

Choose Este Medical To Remove & Correct Unwanted Skin Concerns

At Este Medical, we recognize that age spots, skin tags, and acne, including acne scarring, can contribute to an ‘aged appearance’ and negatively affect skin tone. Este uses advanced technology, such as the high-frequency Lamprobe, to eliminate and address skin conditions that impact a more youthful appearance and self-esteem. 

Let Este Medical assist you in safely and effectively removing unwanted skin tags.

Last Updated:

April 4, 2024

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