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How to Combat Under-Eye Circles
How to Combat Under-Eye Circles


Jan 7, 2022

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Este Medical Group

It can be hard work trying to reduce dark circles especially as there are so many creams, ointments, and treatments available that promise amazing results.  

To help you figure out what’s worth spending your hard-earned cash on, we’ve put together a little guide that looks into how to get rid of dark circles effectively.

Here’s what we’ve found...

What causes dark circles under eyes?

Dark eye circles can be caused by a range of factors. You could be genetically predisposed to having dark circles under eyes, you could be suffering from discolouration around your eyes due to fatigue and lack of sleep, over exposure to the sun, or because of inflammation.

Whatever the reason behind your dark under eye circles, there are things you can try.

Dark circles under eyes treatment options

Tea Bag Soak

Cheap and super cheerful – this trick to remove dark circles under eyes is an ideal starter option. Simply let two tea bags (black or green tea will do) steep in hot water for about five minutes. Once that’s done, pop them in the fridge to chill and when they’re cold just place them over your eyes for around 15 minutes. The antioxidants and caffeine in the tea should help to perk up your under eye area.

Sleep Right

If you’re getting enough sleep and still finding your eyes look dark and drab in the morning, try switching up your sleep routine. It’s nothing arduous – just grab some extra pillows and sleep so that your head is in a more elevated position. If your head isn’t raised enough during sleep, you could be causing fluid to gather in your eye area which might be giving you a puffy, inflamed appearance.

Global Eyecon

If you’re not sure about lasers or fillers, but you’re still desperate to reduce your dark eye circles, the Global Eyecon treatment at Este is well worth investigating. Using a combination of a periocular peel, periocular solution, microneedling and a hydrogel mask, this treatment goes all out to kick those dark circles to the kerb.

There’s zero downtime involved with this procedure, so you can enjoy it in your lunchbreak and get back to work straight after. Impressive, right?

Tear Trough Fillers

Fillers for dark circles under eyes is a possible option if this area is quite sunken in appearance. By adding volume with injectable fillers, the area is brought out of the shadows and given a lift. This, in turn, can help to alleviate any dark shadowing.

If you’re considering fillers for dark circles, book in for a free consultation at Este and our experts will be able to discuss the right options for you.


Microneedling is a great way of tackling dark circle concerns. If you take a look at our dark circles before and after pics, you’ll see what can be achieved with this quick and easy aesthetic treatment.

The skin under our eyes is extra delicate and much thinner than skin elsewhere on our face. A course of microneedling sessions are often the first choice of skin specialists as they can help rejuvenate the skin and stimulate new skin growth which results in a brighter, fresher finish.

Laser Treatment

Another option to help remove dark circles under eyes is a laser treatment. It’s a non-invasive procedure that works to target the delicate eye area and help reduce pigmentation.

It works by targeting the area with powerful light and heat that then ensures the skin here is resurfaced and tightened. The results can be really significant.


Ok, so it’s a temporary solution to a more long-lasting problem, but if you’re on a tight budget or you’re just not sure about taking things further with a more permanent treatment, decent make-up is a winner.

Getting a good finish is all about prepping. Apply a moisturiser or eye cream first and let it sink in. Then gently dot a small amount of concealer on to the undereye area that you want to conceal.

Look for concealers with a high pigment content so those dark eye circles don’t peek through. For a wide-awake finish, luminous light-reflecting concealers do a great job in helping you look fresh-faced.

Book a Free Consultation at Este

If you’re still asking yourself how to get rid of dark circles under your eyes and you want an expert opinion, book in for a free, no obligation consultation at Este. Our skin specialists will be able to guide you towards the treatments that will be right for your specific skin condition.

Hopefully with a little attention to detail and some extra TLC, you’ll soon see a reduction in your dark circles under eyes so you can love the skin you’re in.

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