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How to choose the right hair transplant clinic
Hair transplant Turkey


Jun 21, 2022

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Are you concerned about hair loss? Today's technological advancements make it possible to have a hair transplant that is faster, more efficient, and more successful. It is likely that you have heard about it or seen it done. It is important that you find out how to choose the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey for your hair transplant.

These are our the top tips:

1. Make sure they offer a consultation

Many people who have lost hair believe that they will need a transplant. It's often too late. Before you have your treatment, a hair transplant clinic should provide a consultation. This will allow you to determine the root cause of hair loss and the best treatment plan.

2. Locate the Clinic that provides the treatment you require

There is no single hair loss treatment. There are many options. Before choosing a clinic for a hair transplant, you need to make sure they offer the treatment you require. If your hair is just starting to fall out, you might only need hair loss treatments.

3. Learn More Information about the Expertise, Experience and Qualifications of the Surgeon

When choosing a centre for hair transplants, choosing a clinic with qualified staff and licensed doctors is crucial. Do your research to ensure this and feel confident with how will be competing your surgery. 

4. Learn about the treatments the clinic specialises in

A clinic specialising in one type of hair transplantation indicates that it is a leader in this technology. You should choose a specialised clinic for the type of hair transplant you require.  

5. Consider Before & After Pictures

A hair salon should be able to offer references and before/after photos. This will show that the clinic is skilled and will highlight its work. You can see the clinic's results before and after pictures. It is easy to fake testimonials from patients.  

Choose a clinic that has offers video testimonials alongside a timeline of their client's journey.

In conclusion

It is important to find the best clinic for you. Each person has different needs. Find a clinic that can accommodate your needs and find a doctor to treat them. It is important to do your research.

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