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Angelina's Successful Hairline Transplant: No Shaved Head Required!
Angelina's Successful Hairline Transplant: No Shaved Head Required!


May 21, 2024

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Este Medical Group

When it comes to hair transplants, men don't seem to mind shaving their heads. But for women, it's often a whole different story. Join Angelina on her journey to Turkey for a hairline transplant with Este Medical and discover her thoughts on the experience!

Did you know? It is possible to have a hair transplant procedure that doesn’t involve a head shave, especially if the hair grafting is for hairline lowering.

Este Medical has experience with both women and men who prefer not to shave their heads for hair transplant and is one of the top providers of the no shave hair transplants and long hair transplants. 

Angelina’s Forehead Reduction Using Hair Transplant 

Loss of hair at the temples and a high forehead gave Angelina the determination to find an effective and long-term solution to her female hair loss

Angelina's hair transplant consultation with Este Medical Group provides an insightful look into her hair transplant consultation with Este, offering valuable insight into the hair grafting process.

Of particular significance is the precise measurement and marking of Angelina's forehead, clearly showing where her new hairline will ultimately be positioned.

“I had my hairline hair transplant with Este Medical in Istanbul. Everything went well with the transplant procedure, I didn’t feel any pain. I would recommend Este Turkey to anyone looking to get a hairline transplant in Istanbul,” says Angelina. 

Sharing experiences like Angelina's is important to show other women (and men) with long hair that they have options when it comes to hair grafting treatments. 

“Thank you to Este Medical for looking after me in Istanbul!” says a grateful and happy Angelina.

Ready to reclaim your confidence with a fabulous new hairline? Send us a message through our website to schedule your free hair transplant consultation and discover how Este Medical Group can help you achieve the hair of your dreams!

What Is Hairline Lowering Hair Transplant? 

Transform your look with a targeted hair transplant designed to lower your hairline and diminish the appearance of a prominent forehead. By strategically adding hair grafts to the temples and along the outer edge of your hairline, you can achieve a stunning transformation, bringing you one step closer to your grooming and beauty goals!

If you're feeling self-conscious about a wide forehead or high hairline, a hair transplant can help lower your hairline, minimising the prominence of your forehead and giving your face a more balanced appearance.

Schedule a free hair loss consultation to discover how a surgical hair transplant can redefine your hairline. By strategically inserting hair grafts below the natural hairline, we can create a new, lower hairline that enhances your appearance.

Choose Este Medical When Your Hairline Needs Help! 

Thanks to Angelina for letting us share the successful outcome of her hairline lowering surgery. Her confidence in Este Medical and her endorsement will inspire other women to consider a forehead-reducing hair transplant procedure in Turkey!

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May 21, 2024

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