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Glasgow Woman Reveals TikTok Derma Rolling & Laser Hair Regrowth Results!
Glasgow Woman Reveals TikTok Derma Rolling & Laser Hair Regrowth Results!


Mar 12, 2024

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Este Medical Group

Shabnum details her Este Glasgow hair restoration treatments and hair regrowth on TikTok so women and men can see what to expect from derma rolling the scalp and laser light hair growth therapy

You can see in detail how Shabnum is having her scalp gently rolled to kickstart new hair growth and healthy blood flow. Handheld derma rollers give a microneedling treatment to your scalp, they leave wee incisions over the scalp’s surface to stimulate hair growth factors, derma rolling also helps to regenerate the health of weak hair follicles.  

The derma roller's skin-safe micro-punctures help hair growth products to be applied and absorbed more effectively. For example, in a personalised Este Medical derma roller treatment, TR3 scalp lotion or Minoxidil hair solution can be used on the scalp as part of a holistic hair regrowth treatment, just like the one you see Shabnum having in her TikTok. 

After derma rolling the scalp and applying the topical TR3 hair growth solution (no needle required), Shabnum covers her eyes and relaxes for about 20 minutes of laser light hair regrowth therapy. 

In Shabnum’s case, after her Este hair loss consultation it was determined that the holistic approach of derma rolling, TR3, and laser therapy was the best hair regrowth treatment plan. Shabnum’s hair restoration plan involved treatment twice a week at Este in Glasgow over three months. 

To determine which Este Medical Group hair treatment is best suited to you, we recommend you have a free Este scalp and hair follicle consultation to find out what type of hair loss you are experiencing. 

Why Did Shabnum Go To Este Medical Glasgow?

Shabnum was in search of a Glasgow hair loss clinic to help her address the thinning of her hair and enhance the overall condition of her hair and scalp. Extensive travel had taken a toll on her hair, causing hair thinning and poor hair growth.

Her hair loss was not in a state that required hair grafting, and based on a hair consultation, non-surgical hair restoration treatments were the right way forward for Shabnum. 

Shabnum, like many female Este clients, had excellent results with our laser hair regrowth treatment. 

Laser hair growth is a clinically proven treatment that uses low-level laser light to stimulate the scalp’s hair follicles to prompt new hair growth and reduce hair loss

Laser hair treatment has a high success rate and is widely accepted as a safe and effective hair loss treatment for all genders.     

If you would like to start a no surgery hair growth treatment plan, then send us a message through our website to book your first Este Medical consultation for hair regrowth! 

Shabnum TikTok Beauty Update! Watch Her Este Hair Regrowth Check-Up 

In this final video, Shabnum shares her new hair growth joy! This hair care TikTok clearly shows, in microscopic detail, new hair growth and improved hair texture. Shabnum was absolutely delighted with the results of new hair regrowth. 

Top tip for hair regrowth treatment at home! We recommend Este Medical Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo — that’s what Shabnum used at home while having her Glasgow hair treatments. 

Let Este Medical Give You New Hair Joy! 

Find out if laser hair therapy and derma rolling are right for you. A professional hair analysis will set out what to expect realistically, and give you options as to the most optimal hair restoration treatments, whether they involve PRP or PRF hair injections, or laser hair therapy combined with scalp derma rolling. 

When it comes to hair loss, the sooner you deal with improving the condition of your scalp and hair, the sooner you will see new hair growth results. Book a free Este Medical consultation today! 

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March 12, 2024

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