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Female Body Positivity: How Women's Body Shapes Have Evolved Along With Attitudes
Female Body Positivity: How Women's Body Shapes Have Evolved Along With Attitudes


Aug 24, 2023

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Este Medical Group

In 2023, more women are celebrating their natural body shape and pushing back on conformist and old-fashioned stereotypes that dictate body size and body weight. These days a wider range of women’s body shapes are considered attractive and healthy. Ultimately, women can decide how they want to face the world.  

One of the best things to impact how women relate to their body is the body positivity social movement that is based on the acceptance of all bodies, regardless of size, shape, skin colour, gender, or physical ability. Women and girls around the world who embrace this movement have the power to challenge out-of-date beauty standards, and choose for themselves how they want to present to the world. 

How Women Are Taking Back Control Of Their Bodies

Women have been sculpting and contouring their body shape since ancient times, using a variety of diets and devices to tighten and lift everything from butts to bosoms. Decade after decade, women’s body shapes have been influenced by popular culture (i.e., art, music, television), fashion trends, and female icons.

But it seems like only recently, with the cultural emergence of body autonomy, female equality and female empowerment that older, more stereotypical ideals of female beauty are becoming outdated because they lack diversity and are connected with body shaming. 

Modern women are more open to accepting a variety of body types, with the realisation that they are healthy and acceptable. Women of all ages are tired of being told to watch what they eat and that they should dress in a age appropriate way. Those days are over. 

Different Body Types Female History  

To better understand how far women have come in ‘owning’ their body shape, let’s take a quick look into the past, to understand how restrictive women’s body types used to be. 

Turn Of The Century Tyranny 

Let’s go back to the early 1900’s, when women wore inflexible corsets to flatten their breasts and cinch their waists. For most women of that time period, the consensus was corsets were similar to torture devices, and that corsets tried to make women all fit the same mould. Nowadays, thanks to Madonna and the Kardashians for instance, corset wearing is less about controlling women, and more of a confident power statement by women themselves. 

The hourglass figure will never go out of fashion; however, these days it is acceptable for women of all sizes to wear corsets how they want to. Modern women have reclaimed and reinvented the corset to demonstrate their confidence and sexual liberation. 

If having an hour-glass shape is your goal, then rest assured Este Medical has several body sculpting and contouring treatments that can help you reach your ultimate beauty goal. When it comes to bodycon fashions and influencer style, you may want to consider the following radiofrequency body treatments: HIFU and Morpheus8.   

Unrealistic Expectations 

Moving on, the flapper fashion of the 1920s dictated all women should be slender in the hips and legs, and body issues like love handles were unflattering. Fashion from the 20s to the 50s was unnecessarily rigid, and if you didn’t fit the style at the time, you were considered unattractive. 

These days the ‘flapper’ and other nostalgic fashion styles are more flexible, and anyone can embrace those vintage looks. Nowadays, it is your choice if you want to slim down hip bumps, or tighten up the tummy area to achieve your desired appearance. 

The days of rigid fashion styles that excluded most women are in the past. Women can now wear what they like, at any age. For instance, if you want a slim-hipped physique, then having hip dip filler is your prerogative, and yours alone. If you want to reshape your tummy and waist area after having a baby, then that is your choice to look into body sculpting treatments like VelaShape III, HIFU, and Emsculpt.    

With the adoption of the body positivity movement, women can now set their own style agenda when it comes to their body shape, personal grooming, and beauty goals. If you would like to speak to an Este body and skincare expert about attaining your bodycon goals, then send us a message through our website to book an appointment.   

A Taste Of Freedom 

In the 1960s and 70s women’s fashions became more free, but there were still societal ideals about the ‘perfect shape’ for women. Women’s shapes during this time period tended to be slimmer and more fit, and women who could not physically conform didn’t have many cosmetic options to take control of how they looked. 

However, with the rise of the discotheque, spandex clothing, and women’s liberation, women were finding the future was much more open to different types of body shapes. As well, cosmetic and plastic surgery was becoming more acceptable and available. Women were starting to see their body shape as something they had control over, and if they wanted to make physical changes, it was their prerogative. 

Sexy Body Confidence On The Rise 

During the 80s, and the dominance of the supermodel, natural curves and body health was opening the doors to women being able to showcase more types of body shapes. Healthy, glowing skin also became more of a focus in fashion.

During this decade skin tightening and body contouring became acceptable, and more women had access to cosmetic clinics and advanced salon skin treatments than ever before. The 1980s healthy body and glowing skin trend really helped set the stage for a multifaceted approach to diet and personal wellbeing. Finally, it was okay for all types of women to feel sexy and confident in their skin! 

Seeds Of Positivity & Autonomy Start To Take Root

From the 90s until now, there has been a wave of different body shape trends, not all of them very realistic or attractive (e.g., heroin chic). But over the decades some body shape trends have remained consistent, like having good bone structure and skin tone (e.g., facial sculpting, Hollywood facelift), having a clear complexion (see acne treatments), having a toned body, and the most important, accepting your body shape on your own terms. 

Body shapes for women vary, that is for sure, but what has become popular in our current culture of body positivity is accepting and owning your shape. As an adult woman, if you want to modify your body to please yourself, then you will find yourself right on trend. Body shaming is a no-no now, being critical of a woman’s body type is unacceptable.  

Your personal body shape is your business, and if you want to make subtle or dramatic changes to its shape, that is your choice. From bum lifts and breast enhancement, to fat reduction or a nose job, women can now select from a wide variety of body and face shapes if that is what they want to do.  

If you would like to discuss body shaping, skin tightening, or body contouring with an Este expert, then send a message to book a consultation. At Este Medical, we believe in your right to bodily autonomy, and if you want to make changes to your appearance or body shape, we respect your choice.

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August 24, 2023

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