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Fat Freezing: Este Client Says “No Regrets!”
Fat Freezing before and after


Aug 18, 2022

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Este Medical Group

Our Este Medical Group clients love to share their treatment experiences with our CEO and Este founder, Sam Cinkir. This Instagram video takes you on a treatment journey with one of our regular clients currently undergoing the Este Fat Freezing treatment. They’ve been having fat freeze sessions every six weeks for five months now and are loving the results. 

If you are curious about what a fat freezing treatment looks like watch this video! We have timestamped the highlights in our client’s treatment journey below. 

What to Expect: Este Fat Freezing Treatment 

Timestamp 1:30

Our client says she’s had positive results achieving a flatter stomach and shifting stubborn tummy fat. She’s an enthusiastic fan of this treatment; she says in the video she has no regrets choosing the Este fat reduction treatment.

She also gives helpful advice about fat reduction treatment expectations, saying that maintaining a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise is key to making this treatment a success. 

Timestamp 3:35

At the end of the fat freezing treatment session we share some before-and-after photos showing our client’s tummy area before the treatment started and how she looks now  — in the photos you can clearly see why she is keeping to her treatment sessions — they work! Our client’s tummy area is slimmer and healthier looking. 

Timestamp 5:00

Este’s Sam Cinkir talks about how fat freezing is a life-changing treatment for both women and men. Regular fat reduction treatments in conjunction with eating well and going to the gym will slim your silhouette and reduce trouble areas of the body that stubbornly hold onto fat (i.e. tummy, hips, thighs, upper arms…).

What is Fat Freezing? 

Our Este Medical Group fat reduction treatment is an excellent alternative for men and women who don’t want invasive liposuction. At Este we use non-surgical technology to literally freeze your fat cells, making them disappear — this fat elimination process is called cryolipolysis. Fat freezing will help you achieve your body shape goals by targeting specific areas of your silhouette. 

How many times you need to treat a particular area depends on how your body stores fat and the size of the treatment area. For permanent results it is recommended you complete all the treatment sessions advised by your Este consultant; that may be anywhere from one to three sessions about six to eight weeks apart.   

Maybe it’s time for you to consider this safe and effective method of eliminating fat that just won’t budge from your body. Book an Este consultation today

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