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Este’s Sam Cinkir Shares His ‘Hair Removal For Men’ Experience
Sam Cinkir Gets Laser Hair Removal for Men


Dec 15, 2022

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Este Medical Group

Yes, men can have laser hair removal. Bye-bye expensive razors and clogged drains!

Laser hair removal for men is the most effective method to permanently get rid of unwanted hair on the face, neck, arms, hands, legs, chest, shoulders and backside!

There is nothing to be nervous about, laser hair removal for men is considered a very quick and easy procedure. To demonstrate how easy it is to have laser hair removal our very own Este CEO and founder, Sam Cinkir, went live on Instagram to show how his recent laser hair removal treatment went. 

In this video Sam shares his experience having laser hair removal on his forearms and hands.

You can see how the whole process works from beginning to end: from the application of cooling gel on the skin to the laser device being skimmed over the arms and hands. The whole treatment lasts just minutes! 

During the treatment, Sam mentions that he has had about three laser hair removal sessions, and he’s noticed that hair on his arms is not growing back, and he doesn’t need to shave his arms anymore. 

Sam loves to do live Instagram videos to demonstrate how Este Medical Group treatments work — make sure to follow Sam on our Este Instagram to learn more about our many popular face and body treatments. 

Hair Removal For Men Made Easy! 

Laser hair removal for men is especially helpful for males who want to remove excessive hair that is challenging to conceal at work or at the beach for instance. This type of hair removal is permanent, however several treatment sessions will be required for the best long-term results, as the laser needs to target hair during a growth cycle. To find out how many sessions you may require, send us a message through our website for an Este hair removal consultation

Rest assured, over 18 million people have been safely and successfully treated with laser hair removal technology. Este Medical Group has a solid history of providing the most technologically advanced face and body treatments for men and women.

How Do I Know If Laser Hair Removal Is For Me? 

The best way to find out if laser hair removal is a good fit for you is to message us through our website for a consultation. We’ll discuss your expectations as well as what kind of treatment timeline you can expect for the most optimal long-term results.

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December 15, 2022

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