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Este’s Sam Cinkir Gets Live Profhilo Injections
Sam Cinkir Profhilo


Aug 2, 2022

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Este Medical Group

Este Founder and CEO, Sam Cinkir, loves to share his skincare journey with people on Instagram, especially if it helps them learn about the latest face and body treatments and technology available from Este Medical Group.  

Here’s a video Sam recorded having Profhilo injections to his face by Dr. Kiran, Este's Director of Facial Aesthetics. This short video demonstrates how easy it is to get this anti-ageing treatment for the face; and Dr. Kiran talks about the many Profhilo skincare benefits. Both Sam and Dr. Kiran have this treatment themselves because it gives the skin a natural collagen boost, improves elasticity, and makes your skin glow!   

How does Profhilo work? 

Profhilo is the first treatment of its kind that uses a skin-safe moisturising hyaluronic acid created with patented NAHYCO® technology. The result is an injectable gel (not a filler) that provides extended stimulative activity within the dermal cells — this stimulation helps to restore skin firmness, plumps the skin naturally, promotes collagen and elastin, reduces fine lines, and adds moisture to give the skin an overall appearance of glowing freshness. 

For the best results, this treatment involves two sessions, four weeks apart, followed by maintenance sessions. What to expect: you will see treatment benefits from the second session and with periodic maintenance sessions you will experience prolonged benefits (i.e., every three to six months or up to one year, this schedule will vary from client to client).

Speak to an Este consultant about anti-ageing treatments and other skincare options that will benefit your body today.  

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