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Este Plus Skincare Revitalises Fashion Designer Scott Henshall
Scott Henshall Endores Este Plus Skincare Range


Dec 15, 2022

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Este Medical Group

Este Plus Skincare Gets The Red Carpet Treatment at TRIC Awards!

Our new high-performance Este Plus products got the red carpet treatment at the 2022 #TRICawards from British fashion designer and creator of the ‘World’s Most Expensive Dress’ @scott_henshall

“I am so excited to share my latest skincare discovery, Este Plus by & Since I’ve started using EP, I can honestly say it revitalised my skin — and I’ve only been using EP for a few weeks!” said Scott Henshall on his Instagram.

Award Show Glam: Este Plus In The Celebrity Spotlight! 

Beyond Scott Henshall endorsing Este Plus skincare, he also introduced our new skincare line to one of his heroes, @brightlightx2 (Welsh independent singer-songwriter Rod Thomas), who’s recorded with Elton John and the Scissor Sisters, and toured with none other than Cher!      

Este’s CEO and founder, Sam Cinkir, was also present at the awards show with Scott Henshall, along with Este brand ambassadors, Anna Vakili and Mandi Vakili.

Este Medical Group took part in this annual charity event by sponsoring the OK! Daytime category, which was won by This Morning show with hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

Sam Cinkir with Scott Henshall, along with Anna Vakili and Mandi Vakili

Fashionable Scott Henshall Raves About Este Plus Products 

Here’s what else Scott had to share about Este Plus on Instagram: “Never forget you can never wear too much SPF, even when it’s not sunny — you can still catch UV rays. My EP personal favourite is the Este Tinted Supreme SPF sun protection, which glides onto the skin giving perfect protection & coverage.” 

You can tell Scott takes his skincare seriously; he’s been in the fashion and beauty biz since his early twenties, and participated in a multitude of fashion weeks over the decades, so he knows about the importance of having exceptional skin and using only the best products.

Discover The Brilliance Of Este Plus! 

Este Plus is a brand-new family of premium skincare products recently launched by Este Medical Group’s Sam Cinkir. EP skincare uses botanical ingredients and natural extracts, as well as active medical-grade compounds (e.g., hyaluronic acid, growth factors, peptides, acids, retinols). 

The Este Plus line of skincare comes in elegant black and gold packaging, and features the highest quality ingredients to protect, repair and improve the look and feel of your skin.

Este Plus skincare products currently available include:

  • Iconic Cleanser
  • Supreme SPF 50+
  • Tinted Supreme SPF 50+
  • Deluxe Moisturisers (available for normal to oily skin) 
  • Deluxe Anti-Ageing Serum
  • Professional’s Vitamin C
  • Hydrating Solution
  • Brightening Solution
  • Acne Elixir
  • Exfoliation AHA/BHA 
  • Natural Lip SPF
  • Active Eye Essence

Message us through our website for an EP skincare consultation and make arrangements to purchase Este Plus products exclusively from Este Medical Group

More Este Plus skincare products will be launching in 2023 — stay tuned for our Este Medical Group reveals, as we introduce more of our EP products to you!

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December 15, 2022

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