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Este Milan Visit: Sam Cinkir Goes ‘La Vita’ Local
Sam Cinkir Milan Este Medical Group


Jun 30, 2022

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Este Medical Group

Sam Cinkir, Este’s CEO and Managing Director, recently had the pleasure to live la dolce vita while visiting the Este Milan clinic in Italy. This award-winning clinic is nestled between the beautiful Guastalla Gardens and the luxurious Grand Visconti Palace in central Milano! 

We just had to share our Este Instagram reel of Sam smelling the flowers of Milan as he enjoys a gorgeous sunny stroll through the charming little side streets of the city. 

It’s no wonder Sam chose Milan for the site of his Italian Este clinic, as it’s renowned for fashion, design and great beauty. A treatment at the Este Milan clinic gives clients the opportunity to explore and enjoy many famous sights including Leonardo da Vinci’s mural The Last Supper, as well as Milan Cathedral and Castello Sforzesco, and time permitting a jaunt to Lake Como.

Speaking of world-class destinations, Sam Cinkir is opening an Este clinic in New York

Other international Este Medical Group clinics are located in Bangladesh and Istanbul. The UK has seven Este clinics in London, Sutton Coldfield, Nottingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham. 

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