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Este Client Lonut’s Hairline Totally Restored by PRP & Laser Hair Therapy!
hairline transformation using PRP and Laser Hair Therapy


Jun 18, 2024

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Este Medical Group

Lonut didn’t need a hair transplant to restore his hair! Before he came to Este, Lonut was experiencing hair loss at the temples and thinning at the top of his head, a classic male hair loss pattern.

After an Este Medical Group hair regrowth consultation, Lonut discovered that a non-surgical treatment could restore his hair growth. The no surgery treatment was a combination of PRP hair injections, laser light hair regrowth therapy, and derma rolling the scalp to administer Minoxidil hair drops

Before Lonut’s Este Medical hair loss treatment
Before Lonut’s Este Medical hair loss treatment

Successful Results After Only 6-Months! 

“I have a problem with hair loss. I tried special shampoos and went to clinics for treatments, but nothing worked. It was around this time that I found out about Este Medical on Instagram, and I booked a consultation. I was told about PRP and laser treatments, and after only 6-months I’m very happy with the results. I would recommend Este Medical clinics to anyone who has problems with hair loss,” says Lonut. 

We are especially thrilled that Lonut’s hair restoration treatments were successful and that he is so happy with the results, as he is all the way from Romania! This truly highlights the far-reaching reputation of Este Medical Group and our 5-star service and hair treatments.

Best Hair Loss Treatments Without Surgery! 

We consistently report numerous hair loss success stories that combine laser and PRP treatments for hair regrowth, showcasing our expertise in the field of hair restoration!

Here are individuals, like Lonut, whom we were thrilled to help regain their hair and boost their self-confidence.

Choose Este Medical For Effective Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

At Este Medical, we have proven experience treating both women and men with PRP and laser therapy for hair loss, positioning ourselves as the leading service provider of non-surgical hair regrowth treatments. We confidently regard ourselves as the trusted authority on the latest hair restoration methods to restore and enhance your hair growth.  

Act now! Get started on restoring your hair and schedule a free Este Medical hair growth consultation.

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June 18, 2024

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